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Are Beko and Flavel the same company?

Are Beko and Flavel the same company?

In 2002, the Flavel brand was acquired by Beko Plc and today is synonymous with quality and innovation which is evident throughout the range. The quality of the design, materials and construction of Flavel products remain true to the expertise and attention to detail that built the brand in the beginning.

Which Beko cookers have been recalled?

Beko, Leisure and Flavel cookers affected. This safety warning applies to certain cookers from the Beko, Leisure and Flavel ranges which were made before 2009 and have serial numbers starting with 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08.

Are Beko ovens safe?

BEKO, LEISURE & FLAVEL GAS COOKERS MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO JAN 2009. It has come to our attention that particular Beko, Leisure and Flavel cookers with a separate oven and grill can, if they are not operated in accordance with the user instructions, pose a serious risk to your health.

Do Flavel make electric fires?

Flavel Electric Fire Range With a choice ranging from highly fashionable wall mounted fires, to Flavel’s classically designed range of suites, there is a design to suit any home.

Which cooker is best aluminium or stainless steel?

Stainless is becoming more popular, as it’s more durable and its finish looks shiny and new for years. It does, however, tend to be a little more expensive than aluminum cookers and the material isn’t as good of a heat conductor. Aluminum, on the other hand, is an excellent heat conductor.

What is wrong with Beko cookers?

Eighteen people died in 10 incidents between 2008 and 2015 linked to the cookers, which produced levels of carbon monoxide high enough to kill within minutes if the grill was used with the door shut.

Is Beko a good brand for cookers?

In a highly competitive market segment, the Beko is certainly worthy of consideration when looking for your next cooker. Strong reviews of the product back this up, with many highlighting the ease of use and excellent build quality.

Where are Flavel gas fires made?

Flavel is a British manufacturer with a reputation for excellent quality gas fires.