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Why is iSCSI faster than FC?

Why is iSCSI faster than FC?

Because the iSCSI SAN is based on the well-known TCP/IP and Ethernet, it’s far simpler and less complex than FC. The learning curve and expertise requirement for FC is measurably higher. FC tends to be significantly more manually intensive vs. iSCSI, which has a lot more built-in automation.

What is iSCSI HBA?

An iSCSI host bus adapter (more commonly, HBA) implements a hardware initiator. A typical HBA is packaged as a combination of a Gigabit (or 10 Gigabit) Ethernet network interface controller, some kind of TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology and a SCSI bus adapter, which is how it appears to the operating system.

What is the difference between iSCSI and NFS?

NFS and iSCSI provide fundamentally different data sharing semantics. NFS is inherently suitable for data sharing, since it enable files to be shared among multiple client machines. In contrast, a block protocol such as iSCSI supports a single client for each volume on the block server.

What is FC HBA?

A Fibre Channel HBA enables connectivity and data transfer between devices in an FC-based storage area network (SAN). An FC HBA can connect a host server to a switch or storage device, connect multiple storage systems, or connect multiple servers when they’re used as both application hosts and storage systems.

Which QLogic FC HBA do I need for Openfiler?

The only requirement is that your Openfiler host has a 4Gb or 8Gb Qlogic FC HBA. This is also true for any OEM FC HBA based on Qlogic FC chips. Any brand of FC HBA can act as an initiator to consume storage LUNs from an Openfiler target host with the FC SAN Target installed.

What type of interconnects does Openfiler support?

Openfiler supports a number of network interface controllers including Intel and Broadcom based chipsets. For very high bandwidth requirements, 10Gb Ethernet and Infiniband interconnects are excellent options. With a range of file-based and block-based storage export protocols, there is something in Openfiler for everyone.

What makes Openfiler different from other storage solutions?

Also, unlike many proprietary storage solutions, Openfiler management is performed via a powerful and intuitive web-based graphical user interface. Through this interface, an administrator can perform various administrative tasks such as creating volumes, network shares, allocating disk quota for users and groups and managing RAID arrays.

How to configure network access in Openfiler?

To configure the Network Access go to System menu. Choose the Network Setup from System section on the right. Here you can see first Network Configuration of the Openfiler & below you can see the NIC Information you can also configure the Network details by clicking on Configure.