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Which country has the worlds second-largest Muslim population?

Which country has the worlds second-largest Muslim population?

In India, which has the second-largest Muslim population, Islam is a minority religion (making up 15% of the country’s population) and Hinduism is the majority faith. Nigeria, which has the sixth-largest Christian population in the world (87 million), also has the world’s fifth-largest Muslim population (90 million).

Which Muslim country is most powerful?

The Saudi Arabian military is the best-armed military in its region.

Which are top five countries have the largest Muslim population?

– By 2050, Muslims could account for roughly 11.2% of the total European population. – Sweden is projected to have the highest share of Muslims (12.4%) in total population among the Western European countries by 2050. – Between mid-2010 and mid-2016, Europe received around 2.5 million Muslims.

Which US states have the largest Muslim populations?


  • Washington,D.C.
  • Cedar Rapids,Iowa
  • Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
  • New York,New York
  • Atlanta,Georgia
  • Peoria,Illinois
  • San Francisco,California
  • Houston,Texas
  • Chicago,Illinois. Michigan – has maximum Muslim Population among all the states in US.
  • What cities have the highest Muslim population?

    – By 2011, having officially surpassed the one million mark, Muslims made up approximately 3.2 percent of the total Canadian population. – Two-thirds of all Canadian Muslims live in just two cities: Toronto and Montreal. – Nunavut and Yukon, two of Canada’s three territories, have the lowest Muslim population at just ninety people combined.

    What countries are mostly Muslims?

    The charge sheet said, without irony, that such reports could “incite Muslims,” and cited 36 articles Borders has ranked India at 142 out of 180 countries, calling it “one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists.”