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Where can I find fresh water data from the past and current?

Where can I find fresh water data from the past and current?


What is NWIS data?

This water data is collected at over 1.5 million sites around the country and at some border and territorial sites. This distributed network of computers is called the National Water Information System (NWIS).

What does USGS water do?

The USGS monitors and studies water resources to deliver a wide range of data including streamflow conditions, groundwater information, lake and reservoir elevation, water quality, water use, and water availability, which can be accessed through the USGS National Water Dashboard.

How do I get a local water report?

To find your local CCR, visit EPA’s Consumer Confidence Reports page . To find your local health department, use NACCHO’s Directory . Review the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Information .

How does the USGS collect streamflow data?

How Does the USGS Collect Streamflow Data? The U.S. Geological Survey selects a suitable site along a river or stream and constructs a gage house (pictured at left) to hold equipment that measures and records the height of the water surface (gage height or stage).

What is the water information program?

The Water Information Program is a public information program sponsored by the water districts, organizations and agencies in the San Juan and Dolores watersheds of Southwestern Colorado. The purpose of the WIP is to provide information to the public and community on water topics and water related issues.

How can infowater help you?

With InfoWater you can easily develop and compare what-if scenarios such as identifying the best pump operation strategies, most impactful incident response actions, master planning build-out options, cost-effective design alternatives, and much more. You can easily switch between scenarios and compare modeling results instantly.

What makes infowater different?

With direct ArcGIS integration and a host of carefully designed, specialized product extensions, InfoWater takes your water distribution modeling and management capabilities to new levels of performance, scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

What data do you search for in a water survey?

Frequent Searches By Data Category Surface Water Water flow and levels in streams and lakes. Groundwater Water levels in wells. Water Quality Chemical and physical data for streams, lakes, springs, wells and other sites.