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When did Harts go out of business?

When did Harts go out of business?

By 1996, all Harts stores were either closed or converted to Big Bear Plus Stores. Big Bear was bought out by Penn Traffic in April 1989, and had closed all stores by early 2004.

How many stores does Hart have?

From its humble beginnings, Hart has served often rural communities, while expanding across Canada. In 2015, HART was sold and the new owners have grown the company to more than 85 Hart stores, as well as 45 home products stores under four banners: MAISON EN GROS, HART MAISON, MÉGA MEUBLE and HART HOME.

Is Hart a franchise?

Hart Stores Inc. is a mid-sized value-driven department store in Eastern Canada. It was founded in 1960 by Harry Hart, in Rosemère, Quebec. Hart stores is based in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario….Hart Stores.

Type Private
Key people Paul Nassar (President)

How many Hart stores are in Quebec?

32 stores
By systematically recognizing market opportunities, Mr. Hart gradually built a modest chain of junior department stores catering to the everyday needs of the grass-roots consumer. The chain now consisted of 32 stores operating under the Hart, Géant des Aubaines and Bargain Giant banners in mostly rural Québec.

Who owns Hart Stores?

9102221 Canada Inc.Hart Stores / Parent organization

Why did Big Bear go out of business?

All Big Bear stores closed abruptly in 2004 after parent company Penn Traffic filed for bankruptcy. Addresses for all of the Big Bear store locations are not available; however, we have mapped out some of the stores.

Who owns Hart stores in Canada?

Paul Nassar
Paul Nassar of Montreal, Québec has acquired ownership and control over all of the issued and outstanding shares of Hart Stores Inc. (“Hart Stores”) as a result of the amalgamation effective February 6, 2015 of Hart Stores and 9102221 Canada Inc. Prior to the amalgamation, Mr.

Who bought Big Bear Stores?

Penn Traffic
The company was founded in Columbus, Ohio, and was headquartered there until its acquisition by Syracuse, New York-based Penn Traffic in 1989. Upon Penn Traffic’s bankruptcy in 2004, all remaining Big Bear Stores closed. For nearly 75 years, the chain was a Central Ohio institution.

Where are Hart Stores located?

Hart stores is based in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario. The head office used to be in the Montreal borough of Anjou but moved to Laval, Quebec, a northern suburb of Montreal, in early 2006.

What is the history of Hart retail?

The Hart retail organization took root in Eastern Canada in 1960, founded by company executive chairman Mr. Harry Hart. A single store was established in the then rural Québec community of Rosemère, just north of the Montréal metropolis.

How many locations does Hart have in Canada?

With 73 stores currently operating and more locations slated for 2007, Hart’s current head office and distribution facility located in east-end Montréal was maximized to its limit and could not efficiently continue to support the needs of its existing locations.

How many Hart and Bargain Giant stores are there?

Before running into financial difficulties in 2011, the chain had 92 stores under the Hart and Bargain Giant banners, extending as far east as Newfoundland . The average store is approximately 2,000–5,000 m 2 (22,000–54,000 sq ft). The company positions itself within the market as a niche marketer.