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What state is Dusseldorf?

What state is Düsseldorf?

North Rhine-WestphaliaDüsseldorf / State

Is Dusseldorf worth living?

Is Dusseldorf a good place to live? Düsseldorf is the sixth most liveable city in the world. No wonder internationals feel so at home in Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is home to mostly Asian internationals, so it’s no surprise that even with English you’ll quickly settle in as an international with no language barrier.

What does Dussel mean in English?

idiot, the ~ Noun. numbskull, the ~ Noun. blockhead, the ~ Noun.

Where should I live in Duesseldorf?

Where to Live in Dusseldorf: Best Neighbourhoods

  • Live in the trendy district of Dusseldorf Flingern. Dusseldorf Flingern is made of up two parts: Flingern-Nord and Flingern-Süd.
  • The district Dusseldorf Friedrichstadt.
  • The neighbourhood Dusseldorf Pempelfort.
  • Living in Dusseldorf Unterbilk.

Is Germany expat friendly?

Expats in Germany feel secure in their jobs and trust in the German economy. However, making local friends and learning the local language are challenges faced by many. Germany ranks in the bottom 3 for ease of settling in. The majority finds it hard to make local friends.

How do you pronounce Dussel?


  1. IPA: /ˈdʊzəl/, /ˈdʊsəl/
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)

What does Dussel mean in Dutch?

In the reworked version of her diary, [Anne Frank] took revenge on him by giving him the nickname “Dussel”, which is unflattering, both in German and in Dutch. (More literally translated: “flattering neither in German nor in Dutch”.)

Which is nicer Cologne or Düsseldorf?

Cologne wins hands down. Düsseldorf is IMHO highly overated, and I would not call it “beautiful”. Unless you are into either heavy beer drinking, or very posh shopping and yuppie culture, there isn’t much reason to visit Düsseldorf. The region has more interesting destinations to offer.

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