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What is the lost communication transponder code?

What is the lost communication transponder code?

1) Squawk 7600 (Regardless Of Where You Plan To Land) By squawking 7600 (lost communications squawk code), ATC will know you’ve had a communications failure. Even if you weren’t talking to ATC before, they’ll notice you now if you’re in a radar covered area.

What are the 4 main transponder codes that are required memory items?

They are 7500, 7600, and 7700. It’s not only important to know what the codes are used for, but also how to avoid switching to these codes in non-emergency situations to avoid setting off alarms in ATC facilities.

What does an AIP consist of?

The AIP is made up of three parts, General (GEN), En Route (ENR), and Aerodrome (AD), each divided into sections and sub-sections as applicable, con- taining various types of information subjects.

Is usfif available on the NGA website?

A product called USFIF or the United States Flight Information File which contains only data related to the United States was available on the NGA website until October 2007. NGA no longer hosts any aeronautical information on the publicly available website.

What happened to the DAFIF data?

Since the DAFIF data has ceased to be available to the public, new sources of the data have arrived, though none is (yet) a complete replacement:

Is the NGA going to ban DAFIF?

The NGA has just released their decision, and according to their press release, “the electronic distribution of DAFIF over the World Wide Web (www) and public sale of NGA FLIP outside US airspace will cease in October 2006”.

Why choose DAFIF as Your Flight Bag Software?

While GPS and Electronic Flight Bag manufacturers can afford to license expensive proprietary data from Jeppesen to cover their areas of interest, for the free or nearly-free software developer, and the thousands of pilots who rely on our programs, DAFIF is the only choice.