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What is Stephanie Syjuco known for?

What is Stephanie Syjuco known for?

Stephanie Syjuco works in photography, sculpture, and installation, moving from handmade and craft-inspired mediums to digital editing and archive excavations. Her projects leverage open-source systems, shareware logic, and flows of capital, in order to investigate issues of economies and empire.

What inspires Syjuco?

Through photographic portraits composed in the studio, Syjuco further explores economies of labor and value, with a political dimension inspired by colonialist ethnographic photography, her identity as an immigrant, and media-filtered protest imagery.

How do you pronounce Miguel Syjuco?

Some of his goals in life are to have everyone be able to pronounce his surname properly (see-hoo-coh) and to introduce the world to the storied Philippine culture that is far more than just domestic helpers, Imelda Marcos and the guy who shot Versace.

Where was Miguel Syjuco born?

Metro Manila, PhilippinesMiguel Syjuco / Place of birth

What are the works of Miguel Syjuco?

Ilustrado: A Novel2008I Was the President’s Mistress…2022Il.lustrat2011Ilustrado Lib/E2010
Miguel Syjuco/Books

Who is Nicole Syjuco?

MANILA, Philippines — Beauty and fashion blogger Nicole Tavu Syjuco faces the world with a heart for life and a strong sense of self. As she embraces her passions, her beauty is revealed even more. There is calm in 29-year-old Nicole — when she speaks, when she expresses her ideas.

Where did Miguel Syjuco live?

He currently lives in northern Italy. In 2008, Syjuco’s debut novel Ilustrado (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010) won the Palanca Grand Prize – the Philippines’ top literary prize, given only every three years – and the Man Asian Literary Prize.

Who is the owner of Draco builders?

Back in 2018, our President, Miguel Syjuco, has tasked our design team to combine Narra slats design from the eaves all the way to the solid main door of one of our projects.

Who is Sergio Syjuco?

Sergio Syjuco is a master at building luxury homes. In the industry for more than a couple of years now, he has successfully turned over dozens of homes with varying degrees of architectural difficulty to extremely satisfied clients.