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What is New York Medicaid Choice?

What is New York Medicaid Choice?

NY Medicaid Choice is New York State’s managed care enrollment program. The CFEEC (Conflict Free Evaluation and Enrollment Center) is a program that determines client’s eligibility for Medicaid community-based long term care, run by Maximus.

Is Empire NY Medicaid?

Empire is proud to serve Medicaid members in New York. You or your child(ren) may be eligible for Medicaid through Empire if you: Live in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau, Putnam, Queens, or Staten Island County.

Is NY Medicaid fee for service?

This is called fee-for-service because the doctor or provider bills Medicaid directly every time he/she provides a service to a Medicaid beneficiary. In managed care, the plan is paid a capitated rate (flat monthly fee) to provide for nearly all of the beneficiary’s health care needs.

Is the Empire plan the same as Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Empire BlueCross BlueShield is a plan (HMO and LPPO) with a Medicare contract. Empire BlueCross is an HMO DSNP plan with a Medicare contract and a coordination of benefits agreement with the New York State Department of Health.

What is NYS Empire plan?

A. The Empire Plan is NYSHIP’s unique health insurance plan designed exclusively for New York State’s public employees and employers. The Empire Plan pays for covered hospital services, physicians’ bills, prescription drugs and other covered medical expenses.

What is New York Medicaid choice?

New York Medicaid Choice is New York State’s managed care enrollment program. Find all your health plan choices.

How does Medicaid work in New York State?

New York´s Medicaid program provides comprehensive health coverage to more than 7.3 million lower-income New Yorkers (as of December, 2021.) Medicaid pays for a wide-range of services, depending on your age, financial circumstances, family situation, or living arrangements.

How do I order a new Medicaid benefit card?

If your Medicaid is with the Marketplace (NY State of Health) and you need to order a new benefit card please call the call center at 1-855-355-5777. Members residing in the five boroughs of NYC can call the HRA Infoline at 1 (718) 557-1399 or the HRA Medicaid Helpline at 1 (888) 692-6116. + How often do I have to renew?