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What is FTSW tool?

What is FTSW tool?

The Foot Switch Configuration Tool is the software that allows you to assign keyboard commands to a RS27H/RS28H/RS31H footswitch. By assigning a command such as “Enter” to a pedal, you can control various applications.

How do you use the Olympus foot switch?

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open the Foot Switch Configuration Tool and set it to the default template.
  2. Choose “Keyboard Mode” and click [Apply to Foot Switch].
  3. Use the foot switch in a 3rd party application.
  4. Open the Foot Switch Configuration Tool and change it to “Olympus Mode.” Click [Apply to Foot Switch] and then [Close].

Why is my Olympus foot pedal not working?

As simple as it may seem, the home-fix is switching the USB port that your foot pedal is connected to. What this does, is rules out a fault with the USB port itself. Secondly, it’ll distinguish which kind of problem you’re experiencing. This could be either a PC or a hardware issue.

What software works with Infinity foot pedal?

The IN-USB-3 foot pedal is fully compatible with GearPlayer Transcription Software and GearDictate PC Dictation Software. The Infinity IN-USB-3 is 100% compatible with its predecessor the Discontinued IN-USB-1.

How do I use the Olympus foot pedal with Windows Media Player?

Connect the foot pedal to your personal computer. Insert the foot pedal’s USB cable into an available USB port on your computer. Insert the foot pedal’s installation CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive, and follow the ensuing setup wizard’s instructions.

How do I connect my foot pedal to my computer?

Professional Foot Pedal by VPE (USB)

  1. Plug in the foot pedal to an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Go to Start -> Control Panel and select ‘Game Controllers’.
  3. Click OK and from the Controllers tab select Properties and choose the Test tab.
  4. Press Play on the foot pedal, the display will light Buttons 1 & 2.

Can I use a foot pedal with Windows Media Player?

NOTE: Windows Media Player, Real Audio and most other sound file players are NOT designed to work with a USB foot pedal. Software not included.

How do I get my foot pedal to work on Windows Media Player?

How to Make a Foot Pedal Work With Windows Media Player

  1. Connect the foot pedal to your personal computer.
  2. Install the foot pedal’s Windows Media Player plug-in if the device does not advertise inherent capability with the application.
  3. Open your foot pedal’s control application.

What are feed dogs on sewing machine?

Feed dogs are movable plates which pull fabric through a sewing machine in discrete steps between stitches.

When should I lower my dogs food on a sewing machine?

When to Lower Feed Dogs. Putting feed dogs in the down position eliminates the machine’s grip on the underside of the fabric, placing the craftsperson in full control of stitch length and position. That’s a plus for freehand work but makes it difficult to sew a straight line of consistent stitches.

Why do you drop feed dogs on sewing machine?

Sewing machine feed dogs are metal teeth-like ridges that emerge from a hole in the throat plate of a sewing machine. Feed dogs move as you sew, gently gripping the bottom fabric to help it pass through the sewing machine and produce a high-quality stitch.

What is Olympus a-GPS utility?

OLYMPUS A-GPS Utility is a software application that can be used to download the latest Assisted GPS data for faster positioning and write it to OM Digital Solutions Digital Cameras that support Assisted GPS.

What is the free beta software for Olympus cameras?

This free beta software for Windows allows you to use select OM-D cameras in conjunction with video conferencing applications. Easily transfer image and video files from Wi-Fi-enabled Olympus cameras to your phone or tablet. Apply Art Filters, geotag photos and even wirelessly operate your camera.

What is the difference between Olympus capture and Olympus digital camera updater?

Olympus Capture is a tethering application which connects compatible Olympus products to a computer. OLYMPUS Digital Camera Updater is a software application used to update OLYMPUS Digital Camera (including lenses and accessories) by downloading the firmware and the display language from the internet.

What is the rs28h USB foot pedal used for?

RS28H USB Foot Pedal with 3 pedals. The foot pedal RS28H incorporates 3 buttons to easily control not only Olympus dictation management software (ODMS, DSS Player Standard, Sonority), but also your preferred third party software. This can be any transcription player or other application software, which can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts (e.g.