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What is a revue in music?

What is a revue in music?

A revue is a type of multi-act theatrical entertainment that uses any combination of music, dance and sketches.

What is love musical revue?

The Love Revue is an eclectic collection of songs questioning and exploring fundamental contemporary beliefs surrounding love, relationships and identity curated by stage and screen creative Dominic Powell from works within his musical theatre repertoire.

Is Les Miserables a jukebox musical?

The emphasis of this style of musical is on the plot and music, therefore effortlessly combining songs, dance, and dialogue to tell a story. Les Miserables is an example of a Book Musical.

Why middle school and junior high musicals?

These middle school and junior high musicals allow you to have a large cast with many female roles. Plus our middle school musicals have plenty of large ensemble numbers, so you can have a large chorus and get even more student actors onstage.

What are some of the best revues to go to?

Filled with some of the greatest and most memorable music, these tuneful revues put the emphasis on the songs we love. The All Night Strut! The All Night Strut! A Jumpin’ Jivin’ Jam Blame It on the Movies! Eubie! Oh, Coward! SHOUT! The Mod Musical

What are the best junior theater shows for middle schoolers?

JR. is an ideal “first pick.” With simple musical harmonies, an accessible story, unisex casting and flexible costuming options, this crowd-pleasing production is also as hassle-free an option as you will find. 2. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR. Best for young middle schoolers and actors new to theater.

What are the best Disney movies for middle school students?

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR. is a great choice for a production for the youngest grades in your middle school. The episodic story line means the script is easy for even fourth and fifth graders—and first-time actors—to master. 3. Shrek the Musical JR. Best for strong male and female leads.