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What is a post processor mastercam?

What is a post processor mastercam?

What is a Post Processor? A post processor is specially written code that translates Mastercam toolpath information into instructions that the machine needs to cut the part. Each post is unique due to factors such as specific machine and control makes and models, as well as customer preferences.

What is a post processor Mastercam?

How do I remove a Mastercam toolpath?

Deleting all machine groups from the Toolpath Manager Mastercam

  1. Choose Design from the Machine Type menu.
  2. Click the Delete all operations button in the Toolpath Manager toolbar.

What does a post processor do?

A post processor is software that translates CAD or CAM data to specific commands your CNC cutting machine can understand. Whatever CAD or CAM system you use, it has a certain point where it produces generic output called a “CL-file.”

How to edit Mastercam post?

Download the Files. The best source for obtaining a post processor is your reseller (hi there!).

  • Confirm Shared Data Folder. You need to make sure you know exactly where your “Shared Data Folder” is; this path is stored in the software.
  • Copy Files. Browse to the Shared Data Folder and into the CNC_MACHINES folder.
  • Update Machines List.
  • How to install a Mastercam post processor?


  • Performs milling and/or turning operations using continuous stock
  • Upper B-axis and Lower Turret operations
  • Performs pick-off,stock pull,and cut-off strategies
  • Pinch Turn
  • Sync points per stream
  • Polar Coordinate interpolation (G12.1)
  • Cylindrical interpolation (G7.1)
  • Programmed coordinate conversion for coordinate rotation (G68)
  • Which processor is better for video editing?

    Core count. First,let’s get this out of the way; the core count is not what you need for video editing.

  • Type of editing software. A lot depends on the NLE software ( non-linear editing software) editors use.
  • Peripherals.
  • Factors in processing speed.
  • Leaders in processing.
  • “That’s all great,but what should I buy?”.
  • Intel is Back.
  • More CPUs to come in 2022.
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