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What is a $1 Susan B. Anthony coin worth?

What is a $1 Susan B. Anthony coin worth?

Susan B. Anthony Dollars Average Prices and Values

Date & Mint Circ. Buy Unc. Sell
1979-P Wide Rim $10.00 $22.00
1979-D $2.00 $2.00
1979-S $2.00 $2.00
1979-S Type 1 Proof $6.30

Are Susan B. Anthony dollar coins worth anything?

As few Susan B. Anthony dollars circulated, many remain available in uncirculated condition and are worth little above face value. However, some date and mint mark varieties are relatively valuable. The 1981 coins, having been issued only to collectors, are valued above the other circulation strikes in the series.

How much is a 1979 silver Susan B. Anthony dollar worth?

Most 1979 silver dollar coins are worth only face value — just one dollar. Around $1 to $2 for those coins that look nearly perfect to the unaided eye. What is this? Expect, $2 1979-S and 1979-D while $2.20 for 1979-P uncirculated condition.

What is the most valuable Susan B. Anthony coin?

A circulated wide rim 1979-P dollar is worth $5 to $8, whereas an uncirculated piece could be valued at $25 or more, according to Coins Guide.

Why are some Susan B. Anthony coins worth so much?

TODAY marks the birth date of Susan B Anthony – and some may be wondering if there are any valuable coins featuring her. The women’s rights activist was featured on more than 888million circulated coins struck by the US mint. When it comes to rare coins, the value is typically determined by low mintage or an error.

How much is a Liberty silver dollar worth?

Seated Liberty Silver Dollars Average Prices and Values

Date & Mint Circ. Buy Unc. Buy
1846-O $350 $12,700
1847 $290 $3,900
1847 Proof $18,500
1848 $450 $8,200

Can you get Susan B Anthony dollars at the bank?

Both circulated and uncirculated examples are readily available. Occasionally, you may be able to find circulated coins available at your local bank. Uncirculated coins can be purchased at reasonable costs from your local coin dealer.

What should I look for in a Susan B. Anthony coin?

Look for a thick rim where the date is very close (about the width of the numeral 1 in the date) to the rim. The United States Mint also produced special three-coin collector sets of the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Some of these sets have been known to contain the Near Date variety.

Where is the mint mark on 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar?

The first-year 1979 coin was struck at all three U.S. Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. This collection includes all three 1979 coins from all three Mints. Coins are identified by the Mint mark on the obverse, on the left side just above Anthony’s shoulder.

What makes Susan B Anthony dollar rare?

None of the Susan B. Anthony dollars struck in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s contain silver — all were made from copper-nickel clad compositions. What’s more, most of the worn SBA dollars you come across, perhaps in pocket change or from vending machines, are worth only face value. That’s right…

How much is a Susan B . Anthony dollar coin worth?

Quite simple… It’s the only United States coin made from copper-nickel clad that has a diameter of 26.5 millimeters and weight of 8.1 grams on a coin scale. These Susan B. Anthony dollar blank planchet errors are worth at least $100. With a price tag like that, do yourself a favor…

What is the value of a Susan B dollar?

Usually raw Sacagawea Dollars sell for $1 to $3 and the actual sell price depends on many factors. Souvenir Set Values: 1979 – 1980 – 1981 – 1999 Most Susan B Anthony Dollars (SBA’s) are worth a $1 since they’re circulated or low MS (Mint State) grades, or grades lower than MS64.

Are Susan B Anthony coins valuable?

The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was issued for only four years, but it remains a popular coin among new and experienced collectors. While most of the Susan B. Anthony coins are inexpensive and can often be found in pocket change, there are several varieties that are more valuable for coin collecting.