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What hg status means?

What hg status means?

hg status shows the status of a repository. Files are stored in a project’s working directory (which users see), and the local repository (where committed snapshots are permanently recorded). hg add tells Mercurial to track files. hg commit creates a snapshot of the changes to 1 or more files in the local repository.

How do you use hg?

Here’s how:

  1. cd into the project directory.
  2. run the command hg init This creates the . hg directory and the initial setup files used by hg.
  3. run the command hg add This adds all files that aren’t currently in the hg project file list to it’s file list.
  4. run the command hg commit This commits all changes to the project.

What is hg diff?

Description. Show differences between revisions for the specified files. Differences between files are shown using the unified diff format. hg diff may generate unexpected results for merges, as it will default to comparing against the working directory’s first parent changeset if no revisions are specified.

How do I know if I’m mercurial?

Mercurial describes someone whose mood or behavior is changeable and unpredictable, or someone who is clever, lively, and quick. With a mercurial teacher, you never know where you stand. Mercury was the ancient Roman god of commerce and messenger of the gods, and the planet Mercury was named after the Roman god.

How does mercurial find the differences between the committed files?

When files are committed in a working directory, Mercurial finds the differences between the committed files and their parent changeset, creating a new changeset in the repository. Example: “You should commit those changes now.”

What is extdiff mercurial extension?

The extdiff Mercurial extension allows you to use external programs to compare revisions, or revision with working directory. The external diff programs are called with a configurable set of options and two non-option arguments: paths to directories containing snapshots of files to compare.

What is the difference between changeset and tag in mercurial?

See hg help phases. Tag An alternative name given to a changeset. Tags can be used in all places where Mercurial expects a changeset ID, e.g., with hg update. The creation of a tag is stored in the history and will thus automatically be shared with other using push and pull. Tip The changeset with the highest revision number.

Does MQ override the [diff] section?

If set to ‘yes’ or ‘no’, mq will override the [diff] section and always generate git or regular patches, possibly losing data in the second case. It may be desirable for mq changesets to be kept in the secret phase (see hg help phases), which can be enabled with the following setting: [mq] secret = True