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What book does Jayfeather breaks his stick?

What book does Jayfeather breaks his stick?

the Omen of the Stars arc
In the Omen of the Stars arc Jayfeather uses it to contact Rock, asking why he didn’t tell him the truth about his real parents. Feeling betrayed when Rock doesn’t answer, Jayfeather destroys the stick by breaking it over a sharp rock and instantly regrets it.

Who does Leafpool have kits with?

Leafpool’s parents are Firestar and Sandstorm, and she secretly bore Crowfeather’s kits, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf.

Does Jayfeather like Briarlight?

He was a big gray tabby with amber eyes. “They’re beautiful,” Jayfeather uttered. Briarlight nodded, and she felt fierce love for her kits.

Did Leafpool and Crowfeather have kits?

Unbeknownst to him, Leafpool bore his kits, Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit, while he and Nightcloud had a litter of kits, though Breezekit was the only survivor. Because of the loss, Nightcloud was extremely protective of their son, and Crowfeather often felt left out of their relationship.

What did Jayfeather say to Leafpool and Littlecloud?

”Greetings Leafpool and Jayfeather. You guys are late.” Jayfeather could tell it was Littlecloud who had said that. ”Yes I know. But there is so many sick cats in Thunderclan that we’re both tired.

What happened to Jayfeather’s stick?

And as Jayfeather made the promise off all promised the stick passed away. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Jayfeather shouted at the top of his lungs. Jayfeather cried and cried he buried his beloved stick in the exact place they met and he sulkingky walked back to camp.

What does Jayfeather say about the Warriors marked on the stick?

Jayfeather’s attention is fixed on the pieces of pale wood, and Rock tells them that the warriors marked on the stick were brave, going in and out of the tunnel. Jayfeather replied that some didn’t, referring to Fallen Leaves, whose death was marked on the stick.

What did Jayfeather do to Breezepelt and Crowfeather?

Breezepelt was hard on Jayfeather’s heels, and Jayfeather could hear him panting and muttering something about loyalty to Clans. When the three cats reached the heart of WindClan’s camp, there were pairs of eyes staring at Jayfeather, mouths sneering, and Jayfeather scented Crowfeather, and could feel Crowfeather’s gaze scorching his pelt.