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Is OmniForm Windows 10 compatible?

Is OmniForm Windows 10 compatible?

Today, if you call Nuance seeking support for your Omniform software, they will refer you to us, FormDocs, and our product, FormDocs Forms Management Software….The following is general information about FormDocs:

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Compatible YES
Supports Terminal Server/Citrix YES
Customer Support by E-Mail Free

What is OmniForm filler?

OmniForm Filler is the low-cost solution that lets users in an office or workgroup fill out forms created in OmniForm while protecting the form design from modification.

Who makes OmniForm?

Given the established company (Scansoft) who makes it, and the fact that it’s version 5.0, you’d think that this product must pretty much do everything to do with forms and repair the kitchen sink.

What is omni forms?

OMNI Financials Security Access Form The OMNI Financials Security Access Form is used for certain instances where the online role request cannot be completed and a hard copy form must be done.

What does Omniform mean?

Having every form or shape
Adjective. omniform (not comparable) Having every form or shape.

What does OmniForm mean?

How do I open an OmniForm file?

Main use: OmniForm OFM files can only be created and opened with OmniPage, a proprietary software available for Windows by Nuance. OmniForm, the only other program that can be used, was discontinued by Nuance in 2005 and is no longer supported.

Is .OFM an embroidery file?

Embroidery file saved in the Melco’s proprietary embroidery format; contains sewing machine instructions for stitching a graphic onto a piece of fabric, such as a cloth or t-shirt. OFM files contain instructions such as needle placement, direction, and movement.

What is a .OFM extension?

The OFM file extension is known as the OmniForm Form file format which was originally developed by Scansoft but they merged with Nuance Communications in 2005.