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Is it anxiously waiting or anxiously awaiting?

Is it anxiously waiting or anxiously awaiting?

in an uneasy or worried manner:My first call was to my wife, who had been anxiously awaiting word of my whereabouts. in an earnestly desirous or eager manner:They are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child.

What does anxiously awaited mean?

adj. 1 worried and tense because of possible misfortune, danger, etc.; uneasy. 2 fraught with or causing anxiety; worrying; distressing.

What is difference between awaiting and waiting?

The other difference between the two verbs, ‘wait’ and ‘await’, is the level of formality. ‘Await’ is more formal than ‘wait’ – it would be used in formal letters, for example.

How do you use awaiting and waiting?

Wait means to stay at a particular point/place, till a specific time goes by or event occurs. Await means to wait for something to happen with an expectation. We waited patiently for the doctor to arrive. We are awaiting their response on the matter.

Is it awaiting or awaiting for?

Which is correct, “waiting for” or “awaiting for”? Awaiting for your reply is incorrect . Awaiting is transitive verb and needs object . Waiting is in intransitive verb and can be used with or without object .

What’s a word for anxiously waiting?

What is another word for anxiously waiting?

on tenterhooks anxious
fearfully anticipating nervously awaiting
uneasy antsy
troubled ill at ease
stressy upset

Is awaiting for correct?

Although “waiting for” is acceptable, “awaiting for” is not because “await” means “wait for”. Writing “await for” would be redundant. When sending letters by mail, you likely want to be as formal as possible. “Kindly awaiting your approval” would fit this purpose.

Do you say awaiting for?

Await is used only as a verb and requires an object. It is often used in more formal or serious writing and speaking. It takes the place of “to wait for.” For example, you can say, “We await your answers to these questions,” instead of “We wait for your answers to these questions.”

What is a fancy word for waiting?

interval, await, delay, expect, hang, linger, remain, stand by, stay, stick around, watch, down, downtime, halt, hold, interim, rest, abide, anticipate, bide.

Is awaiting followed by for?

Position. Waiting is often followed by a preposition. Awaiting is always followed by an object.

Which one is correct waiting on or waiting for?

To ‘wait on’ someone means to serve someone. “The hotel staff waited on the couple at their wedding dinner.” To ‘wait for’ something or someone means we are expecting something to happen or we are waiting for someone.

What is the meaning of eagerly waiting?

If you do something eagerly, you do it with much excitement and enthusiasm. When it’s your turn to hit the piñata at a party, you might grab the bat eagerly because you can’t wait to take a swing.

How do you use awaiting in a sentence?

A crowd of people awaited the train. We’re eagerly awaiting his arrival. He was arrested and is now in prison awaiting trial. Her long-awaited new novel is finally being published.

Is it eagerly waiting or eagerly awaiting?

Trick to Remember the Difference Waiting can be used on its own or with an object. Awaiting is a transitive verb that requires an object. If you want to keep your sentence simple and omit an object, you must use wait. Otherwise, you could use either wait or await with an object.

Is it correct to say eagerly waiting?

This is not correct. Don’t use this phrase. To a native English speaker, “I am eagerly waiting to meet you” sounds odd. Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert.

What’s another word for waiting a long time?

What is another word for long wait?

long haul eternity
coon’s age eonUS
a lifetime for ever
timelessness endless time
hours on end forever and a day

What is a synonym for anxiously waiting?

Synonyms for anxiously waiting include on tenterhooks, anxious, apprehensive, in suspense, nervous, agitated, edgy, nervy, on edge and strained. Find more similar words at!

Is it anxious or anxiously?

According to many language experts, whether the adverb anxiously or eagerly is correct depends on the feeling you want to communicate in speech or writing. The same is true of the adjectives anxious and eager. Anxious and anxiously convey a feeling of anxiety, stress, and worry:

What does await a wait mean?

Await is a verb that means to wait for something or to be waiting. Also, it can mean to have something in the future be waiting for you, or in other words, something is in store . Await has several obsolete and archaic definitions. It carries with it a general formal feeling or one of seriousness.

What does it mean to be anxious about the future?

People are anxious about the future. They were anxious for their daughter. [=they were worried about what might happen to their daughter] He was anxious that the weather would not improve in time for the party. Hide 2 : causing or showing fear or nervousness We experienced a few anxious moments as we waited to hear the results of the test.