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Is Centra Health not for profit?

Is Centra Health not for profit?

Centra Health (Centra) is a regional nonprofit healthcare system based in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Who is the CEO of Centra Health?

Amy F. Carrier
Amy F. Carrier assumes her role today as Centra’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Carrier succeeds Richard Tugman, who has served as interim President and CEO since January 2021.

What is Centra’s mission statement?

Centra Medical Group’s mission statement is simple and focused: “It is all about the patient.” This has served as our North Star as we, the provider and clinic arm of Centra, work to provide outstanding care for our patients and offer provider leadership throughout our health system.

How many beds at Lynchburg general Hospital?

358 licensed
Centra Lynchburg General Hospital, with 358 licensed beds, is an emergency and critical care center specializing in cardiology, emergency medicine, orthopedics, oncology, neurology, and neurosurgery.

When was Lynchburg hospital built?

It was built in 1911 by the City of Lynchburg to serve as the city’s municipal hospital. As designed, the original hospital was divided into two sections, a three-story main block and a rear annex, featuring Georgian Revival detailing….Lynchburg Hospital.

Significant dates
Added to NRHP December 9, 1999
Designated VLR September 15, 1999

Is Lynchburg General Hospital a trauma center?

As a level II trauma center Lynchburg General Hospital is committed to providing a higher level of care for multiple injured patients. We are staffed by highly trained physicians and nurses possessing advanced certifications in trauma and critical care.

Is Centra owned by SuperValu?

The majority of the stores follow the Quick Stop format, or are simply branded Centra, as Musgrave also offers the SuperValu format, which is geared towards larger supermarkets….Centra.

Area served Ireland
Owner Musgrave Group
Website Centra

Who owns Musgrave group?

It is currently Ireland’s largest grocery distributor, with operations in Ireland and Spain with estimated annual sales of over €4 billion. The current CEO (as of 2019) is Noel Keeley. Today, the company is still largely-owned by the Musgrave family….Musgrave Group.

Formerly Musgrave Brothers Ltd.

What level is Lynchburg General Hospital?

level II trauma center
Lynchburg General Hospital is one of 14 trauma centers in the state of Virginia and the only level II trauma center in our region.

When was Virginia Baptist Hospital built?

Another major institution that would serve as a cornerstone to the Rivermont neighborhood was established at the western end of Rivermont Avenue at 3301 with the founding of the Virginia Baptist Hospital in 1916.

Who owns the Centra franchise?

Musgrave Group
Centra is part of Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland, the retail franchise division of Musgrave Group, one of Ireland’s largest grocery and food distributors. Musgrave Group was founded in 1876 and is now one of the two largest private companies in Ireland and one of the largest corporations overall.

Is Lynchburg General a trauma center?

How many employees does centra healthcare have in Virginia?

With more than 8,100 employees, 500 employed providers and physicians, and a medical staff of nearly 800 providing care in 50 locations, Centra serves over 500,000 people as the dominant provider of critical medical services in central and southern Virginia.

What are the facilities of Centra Health System?

In addition to these flagship facilities, the system includes Centra Specialty Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital, a regional standalone emergency department, health and rehabilitation centers, a cancer center, a nursing school, sites and providers serving a geography of approximately 9,000 square miles, and a health plan.

Amy F. Carrier assumes her role today as Centra’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Carrier succeeds Richard Tugman, who has served as interim President and CEO since January 2021. Mr. Tugman will resume his former role as President of Piedmont Community Health Plan. Amy Ray,…

How much money does centra healthcare make a year?

Over the last five years, the system’s net revenues grew from $930 million in 2015 to $1.2 billion in 2020. Centra was created in 1987 through the merger of the Lynchburg General (LGH) and Virginia Baptist (VBH) Hospitals. In 2006, Southside Community Hospital (CSCH) in Farmville became a Centra affiliate.