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How do I invest in COL EIP?

How do I invest in COL EIP?

To begin using the EIP, the first thing you need to do is to login through the COL official website at Once you login to your COL account, click the Trade / Portfolio tab. A sub- menu will open below the tab that will show you a set of functions to choose from.

How do I get Fmetf in COL Financial?

On COL Financial’s homepage, navigate to the stock search bar and enter the ticker “FMETF.” You may choose to see the current price by selecting “Quote,” or proceed with the buy order by selecting “Buy.” The buy button will direct you to a buy order page where you’ll finalize your order.

What is the minimum investment in COL Financial?

Fund your account For Starter accounts, the minimum deposit is Php1,000. For Plus accounts, the minimum deposit is Php25,000. For Premium accounts, the minimum deposit is Php1,000,000.

What is EIP investment?

The BDO Easy Investment Plan (EIP) is a save and invest plan that will help you to attain your financial goals by investing in select BDO Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs).

Can I invest long term COL Financial?

For the independent investor with little time or financial knowledge, the COL – EIP makes long-term investing simple and more convenient for you.

Does Fmetf give dividends?

Dividends of FMETF In 2018, FMETF announced that they’d give away stock dividends representing 3%. That means for every 100 stocks you own, you get 3 more stocks.

How do I withdraw EIP from BDO?

You can redeem/withdraw your investments and still be in the program. Just visit the branch where your EIP is booked. For your investments with a COP, you need to surrender the COP upon redemption. On the other hand, if you are redeeming participating units of investments without a COP, submit the Notice of Redemption.

What is EIP and SIP?

Excluded Investment Products (EIPs) are investment products which have terms and features that are simple and commonly understood by retail investors. SIPs are shares that may have features and risks that can be more difficult for retail customers to understand.

Is ETF an SIP?

Types of SIPS Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) Futures (Extended Settlement Contracts) Structured Warrants.

What is EIP mas?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that it will refine the prescribed list of Excluded Investment Products (EIPs) to include EIP-equivalent investment products listed on foreign exchanges, certain Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) and sub-funds of investment-linked life insurance policies (ILP sub- …

How much is BDO dividend?

BDO has historically declared 25%-35% of prior year’s net income as cash dividends. However, the Bank has no fixed dividend policy, with cash dividend declarations evaluated by the Bank’s Board of Directors on an annual basis.