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How do I change my login provider on Squarespace?

How do I change my login provider on Squarespace?

Switch from social login to email login

  1. A confirmation window will appear. Click Disconnect.
  2. You’ll be logged out of your Squarespace account automatically.
  3. You’ll receive a password reset email. Click the link in the email.
  4. Set your account password.
  5. Click Save.

Why does Squarespace say it looks like you usually log in with a social account?

It looks like you usually log in with a social account This means you tried to log in with an email address and password, but your account is set to log in through Apple, Facebook, or Google. To resolve, click the social account you used to sign up. You can also change how you log into Squarespace.

How do I change my login email on Squarespace?

Change your account email address

  1. Enter your account password.
  2. Enter your new email address twice.
  3. Click Save.
  4. You’ll receive a verification email at the new address from [email protected]. Click the link in the email to confirm your email as a valid address.

How do I log into my Squarespace email?

In the confirmation email, click the Log Into Email link. Log in using the temporary password and the new email address you created. If you’re already logged into another Google Workspace or Gmail account, like your personal account, click Add account, then log in.

Where is connected accounts in Squarespace?

In the Home menu, click Settings, and then click Connected Accounts. Click Connect Account. In the Connected Accounts menu, select the account you’d like to add. Log in with your account name and password, and then click Authorize.

Where is connected accounts on Squarespace?

Can you work on Squarespace offline?

Edit your pages with the assurance that if you go offline unexpectedly, your work will be preserved. When you reconnect, you can easily pick up where you left off. And the Squarespace App has the look and feel you already know, so it’s easy to transition from working on your computer to your mobile device.

Does Squarespace allow email aliases?

Centrally manage email accounts and aliases across your organization and devices. Stay organized with group mailing lists like sales@yourdomain and easily route those emails to the right team member’s inbox.

Can you have multiple emails on Squarespace?

After signing up for Google Workspace (previously G Suite), you can add more email addresses (also known as “users”) from your Squarespace site.

How do I login to my Gsuite account?

Steps to Access g Suite Admin console

  1. Open any web browser (Recommended is google chrome) and open the following URL , which will take you to the G Suite Product Page.
  2. Enter your administrator account email address (including username and domain), password.
  3. Now click on Sign in.

How do I change social links in Squarespace?

In the Home menu, click Pages, then click Edit on any page on your site. Hover over the header and click Edit site header. Click Elements and switch the Social links toggle on. Hover over Done and click Save.

Does Squarespace link to Facebook?

By connecting your Facebook account to your Squarespace site, you can display social icons and share content from Squarespace to Facebook.

Can you have member login on Squarespace?

Squarespace Member Areas is a new feature on all Squarespace websites—on your existing site, you’ll see it under Settings > Member Areas. This feature allows you to create specific, members-only pages on your Squarespace website—and then sell access to those pages via paid memberships.

Does Squarespace allow user accounts?

Member Areas and customer accounts Visitors to your site can become members of your member areas by creating customer accounts and paying your membership fee (if applicable). From there, they’ll log into their password-protected customer accounts to access the gated content they’ve purchased memberships to.

How do I temporarily disable my Squarespace website?

Disable a page

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Hover over the page you want to disable, then click. to open page settings.
  3. Switch the Enable Page toggle off, then click Save.

Can you edit a Squarespace site without going live?

Go to the settings for your now /women-in-tech-history-old and unselect Enable so the page is no longer live. Test to ensure when you click on the link, you are directed to the new page. This may take a few minutes to work and you may need to clear your cache.