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How can use resource file in MVC controller?

How can use resource file in MVC controller?

Localization of a Site in MVC5 Using Resource File

  1. Open Visual Studio and select ASP.NET Web Application.
  2. Next Select MVC.
  3. Add a Resource File In My Case named it ErrorMsg.
  4. Set the Access Modifier of the resource file to Public.
  5. Add messages to the resource file as below:

What does RESX file contains?

resx file contains a standard header, which describes the format of the resource entries and specifies the versioning information for the XML that is used to parse the data. The resource file data follows the XML header. Each data item consists of a name/value pair that is contained in a data tag.

What is resource file in C#?

The . resx resource file format consists of XML entries. These XML entries specify objects and strings inside XML tags. It can be easily manipulated.

What is the use of resource file in C#?

Resource files give you an easy way to localize/internationalize your . net applications by automatically determining which language resx file to use based on the user’s locale. To add more languages, simply add another translated resource file.

What are the resource files Why are they used?

Resource files are ASCII files containing lines of data in which values are assigned to resources. A PyNGL resource file allows you to set PyNGL resources in a manner similar to X11 resources that you set in . Xdefaults or . Xresources files.

How do you create a resource file?

Add an XML resource file

  1. Click the target app module in the Project window (while in either the Android or Project view), and then select File > New > Android resource file.
  2. Fill in the details in the dialog:
  3. Once you’ve added all the qualifiers you want, click OK.

How to get the text of a resource in Razor View?

If you create a folder called f.ex. “Resources” and add 2 files Index.resx and Index.da-DK.resx you should be able to accesses them like this in your razor view. Then depending on the current thread culture it will choose the text from the correct file Show activity on this post.

How do I create resources in Visual Studio?

There are a number of ways to create resources. The simplest option is to use the Visual Studio resources designer to generate XML-based .resx files, which is invoked when you choose Resource File as the type of item to add to a project. That is the approach I shall use.

How do I add a htmlhelper to a resource file?

Add two Resource Files into here: Index.cshtml.resx and Index.cshtml. fr-FR .resx (assuming your view is called “Index” and you want French translations). Check the file properties, and make sure they are set to Build Action=Content and Custom Tool= (blank) Create a HtmlHelper extension method.

How do I add a resource file to the application?

Add new folder named Resources to the application. Add a folder named Pages to the Resources folder. Add a Resource file to the Pages folder and name it IndexModel.en.resx.