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Can I ask my doctor a question over the phone?

Can I ask my doctor a question over the phone?

Specifically ask for your doctor on the phone. Remember, you always have the option of insisting on speaking with the doctor. But if you can’t, don’t wait for a callback if you believe it’s a medical emergency.

Which is the best app for online doctor?

DocsApp. DocsApp is one of the most convenient and pocket-friendly apps for consultations. Generally, their fees range between 150/- to 199/- with the first consultation free. Once the doctor has diagnosed you and given you the prescription, you can order medicines from the same platform.

Where can I ask a doctor a question for free?

Choose the forum: Public forum or Premium forum

  • Post your health related concern. You may also attach lab test reports or prescription if any to help doctor understand your case better.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Your query will be answered by an online doctor from our panel.
  • Where can I ask medical questions for free?

    I can hear my heartbeat in my ears,and I feel lightheaded.

  • I have gas in my lower-right abdomen that I can’t seem to relieve.
  • My son,who is sick with the flu and bronchitis,accidentally took an extra 50 mg Prednisone dose today.
  • Can you experience a chill from being extremely dehydrated
  • How to find a legitimate online doctor?

    Accessible 24/7 from a browser or smartphone app

  • Dedicated solely to pediatrics
  • Provides on-demand and scheduled telehealth visits
  • Routine follow-ups are available for children with chronic illnesses or mental health conditions
  • May be covered by insurance plans that include telehealth services
  • What are good questions to ask a doctor?

    Some great inventors and founders love creating products, but they don’t have the knowledge to run a business or lead their team. The business needs an administrator and leader. Being a great engineer, accountant or doctor doesn’t mean the business can survive.