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Why did Angie get killed off Under the Dome?

Why did Angie get killed off Under the Dome?

After Barbie spies the scratches on Sam’s chest, Sam admits he killed Angie in the hopes of eliminating The Four Hands — good band name, no? — and bringing down the dome.

Who is the girl in the lake Under the Dome?

Melanie Cross was a supporting character in CBS’ Under the Dome. She was pulled from the lake by Julia Shumway, after Julia dropped the egg at the bottom of it….

Melanie Cross
Killed Victims 2 killed
Status Dead

Does Angie come back in Under the Dome?

Angie is back Under the Dome. Britt Robertson, who was killed off the CBS drama during the season 2 premiere, will reprise her role on Monday’s episode, EW has learned exclusively.

What episode does Angie escape?

‘Under the Dome’ Recap: Angie Escapes; Big Jim Kills Reverend Coggins; Bomb Is Aimed At Chester’s Mill. The town of Chester’s Mill came together peacefully (for once) when faced with imminent death on Under the Dome’s newest episode, ‘Blue on Blue. ‘

Who is Norrie on under the dome?

Eleanor Calvert-Hill, better known as Norrie is a main character in CBS ‘ Under the Dome. She is the daughter of Alice Calvert and Carolyn Hill. She lived in Los Angeles, California and was on her way to a behavioral rehabilitation camp when the Dome came down which trapped her and her family in Chester’s Mill.

Who is Angie McAlister on under the dome?

Angela “Angie” McAlister was a main character in CBS ‘ Under the Dome. She was an aspiring nurse who lived in the town of Chester’s Mill before her death, and worked as a waitress at the Sweetbriar Rose. She was the older sister of Joe McAlister. She had her own apartment, but moved back in with her family to be closer to her brother.

What happens to Norrie’s mother in the metal dome?

Joe, Norrie & Angie are walking down the street when they begin to see the dome start to magnetically pull things towards it. Joe, Norrie and Angie race back to Joe’s house as everything metal starts to fly. They find Norrie’s mother, Carolyn knocked out on the floor. They dodge flying knives and pans and hide behind an overturned table.

Why does Joe want to leave the dome with Norrie?

Later the four of them are seen at the Radio Station preparing the Transmitter, Joe wants to leave to get to Dawn and Barbie but Norrie stops him, telling him she’s going with him because they will get out of the Dome together. In the novel, Norrie is a resident of Chester’s Mill and has two heterosexual parents.