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Who was drafted first in the 1998 NFL Draft?

Who was drafted first in the 1998 NFL Draft?

Peyton Manning
Drafted Players

Rnd Pick Player
1 1 Peyton Manning HOF
1 2 Ryan Leaf
1 3 Andre Wadsworth

Who did the Dallas Cowboys draft instead of Randy Moss?

Randy Moss The Cowboys opted for Greg Ellis, who would in all fairness have a decent career, however, Moss would go on to have an iconic one.

What team did Peyton Manning refuse to play for?

YOUNG GIANTS PLAYERS STUMPED OVER SOME 90S ITEMS Back in 2013 before the Giants took on the Chargers in San Diego, Manning was asked why he didn’t want to play for the team and his response was, “I forgot.”

Who did the Cowboys draft in 1998?

Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Greg Ellis 1998
2 Flozell Adams 1998
4 Michael Myers 1998

Did Randy Moss want to play for the Cowboys?

Moss grew up a Cowboys fan and wanted to play for the Cowboys. The Cowboys wanted Moss, but because of many off-field incidents of their own, team owner and GM Jerry Jones did not feel the team could draft Moss. Moss felt that the Cowboys lied to him because they had told him they would draft him.

Who originally drafted John Elway?

Baltimore ColtsJohn Albert Elway Jr. / Drafted by team

Who was the worst NFL Draft pick?

Tim Couch, QB, Cleveland Browns (1999, No. 1 overall pick) Kentucky alum Couch aligns right beside Johnny Manziel (who we will get to later) as being the worst QB selections in NFL draft history.

Who was drafted in the 1998 NFL Draft?

The 1998 NFL Draft was held on April 18-19, 1998. A total of 241 players were chosen over 7 rounds. The Indianapolis Colts chose Quarterback Peyton Manning from Tennessee as the first pick in the draft. Future Hall of Famers Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Randy Moss and Alan Faneca were selected in this draft.

Was the 1998 NFL Draft the biggest bust in league history?

Peyton Manning is joined by Colts owner Jim Irsay, left, and NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue after being picked first in the 1998 draft. (AP) The 1998 NFL draft had probably the greatest No. 1 overall pick in league history, and the No. 2 overall pick might have been the biggest bust in league history. Yeah, it was an entertaining draft.

What draft picks did the Ravens have in 1998?

Feb 17, 1998: Ravens traded 1998 3rd round pick (71st overall, E.G. Green) and 1998 4th round pick (104th overall subsequently traded, Todd Washington) to Colts for Jim Harbaugh and 1998 4th round pick (93rd overall subsequently traded, Steve McKinney)

What NFL Draft picks did the Redskins trade in 1998?

Feb 26, 1998: Redskins traded 1998 1st round pick (17th overall, Brian Simmons) and 1998 3rd round pick (78th overall, Mike Goff) to Bengals for Dan Wilkinson Mar 13, 1998: Eagles traded 1998 2nd round pick (41st overall subsequently traded, Jeremy Staat) and 1998 5th round pick (134th overall, Casey Dailey) to Jets for Hugh Douglas