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Where can I find Hidden Packages in GTA Vice City?

Where can I find Hidden Packages in GTA Vice City?

This GTA: Vice City guide features information for locating all 100 Hidden Packages across the various islands….All Hidden Package Rewards.

Packages Reward Location
80 Sea Sparrow Starfish Island Mansion Helipad
90 Rhino Fort Baxter Air Base
100 Hunter + $100,000 Fort Baxter Air Base

What happens if you get all Hidden Packages in Vice City?

Collecting all 100 hidden packages spawns the Hunter attack helicopter at the Army base, as well as being yet another step towards 100% completion of GTA: Vice City.

Where are the Hidden Packages in Vice City?

Ocean Beach Hidden Packages

  • Washington Beach Hidden Packages
  • Vice Point Hidden Packages
  • Prawn Island Hidden Packages
  • Leaf Links Hidden Packages
  • Starfish Island Hidden Packages
  • Downtown Hidden Packages
  • Little Haiti Hidden Packages
  • Little Havana Hidden Packages
  • Vice Port Hidden Packages
  • What are best cheats in GTA Vice City?

    – Grab any Police Vehicle and park it in your garage. – Start the Vigilant Mission. – Get out from the car and type vehicle Blow-up cheat — BIGBANG (Do this from a safe distance

    How to cheat money in GTA Vice City?

    LEFT ANALOG/D-Pad: Move (Press lightly to walk,hard to walk faster)

  • RIGHT ANALOG: Look Around (When standing still)
  • X: Hold to run.
  • SQUARE: Jump.
  • TRIANGLE: Commandeer (Carjack) a Vehicle.
  • CIRCLE: Attack/Use Weapon.
  • R1: Target Weapon.
  • L1: Position Camera Behind Character/Buy something when standing over Icon.
  • Where can you find a Virgo in GTA Vice City?

    You can find a Virgo in the streets in Downtown, Prawn Island, Vice Point, Vice Beach, Washington Beach and on the main roads. Sadly the Virgo has no fixed location.