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What program opens FP7 files?

What program opens FP7 files?

FP7 files mostly belong to FileMaker Pro by Claris. An FP7 file is a database created with FileMaker Pro visual application development environment. It contains tables, forms, reports, and other database objects that make up a database.

How do I open a FileMaker file?

The most direct way of opening a shared FileMaker Pro file is using the Open Remote dialog box. Click File > Open Remote to access the Open Remote File dialog box. The Open Remote File dialog box can also be opened from the Open File dialog box by clicking the Remote button.

How do I open old FileMaker Pro?

In the Open dialog box, select the file to convert, and then click Open.

  1. Note You can also begin conversion by dragging a file onto the FileMaker Pro 7 application. icon.
  2. The Conversion dialog box appears where you can rename the existing file prior to conversion. FileMaker Pro automatically adds “Old” to the filename.

Does FileMaker work on Windows 10?

The software is available in both Windows and Mac versions. According to the above link, FileMaker version 13 and earlier are not certified compatible with Windows 10.

What is the FP7 file extension?

The fp7 file extension is associated with the FileMaker Pro relational database system for Windows and Mac, also known as Apple Claris. The fp7 file stores FileMaker pro database including tables, forms, recorded data etc. The fp7 file format was replaced by fmp12.

How do I upgrade from FP7 to FP5?

FP7 databases can be upgraded to the newer format simply by opening them in FileMaker Pro 12, which automatically converts them (and saves a backup copy of the FP7 file in the process). FileMaker Pro 5 and 6 use the .FP5 extension.

Can I open fp7-files on Mac?

Remember, different programs may use FP7 files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file. We have not verified any software that we know for certain will work with FP7-files on Mac.