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What is the book no David about?

What is the book no David about?

This story is about a little boy who breaks the rules and hears his mother say “NO!” a lot. But no matter how much trouble he gets in, she still loves him.

What is the moral of the story no David?

The story teaches discipline and proper behavior. As the author notes in the introduction, Educational Themes: The book offers plenty of ‘projection’ and gives parents a way of teaching discipline, behavior and manners in a way that it doesn’t sound like it’s Mommy/Daddy saying ‘no’ all the time.

Who wrote the book No David?

David ShannonNo, David! / Author

Who wrote no David?

Is no David fiction or nonfiction?

No, David! is a 1998 children’s book written and illustrated by David Shannon and published by Scholastic Inc….No, David!

Illustrator David Shannon
Language English
Series Caldecott Honor Book
Genre Comedy
Published September 1, 1998

Is no David A AR book?

This biography introduces readers to David Shannon, author and illustrator of Caldecott Honor Book NO, DAVID! and others in the DAVID series….

ATOS Book Level: 4.6
AR Points: 0.5
Word Count: 1937
Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction

Is no David an AR book?

How many David books are there?

No, David!1998A Bad Case of Stripes1998David goes to school1999″David” Books2009David gets in trouble2001Grow Up, David!2018
David Shannon/Books

Is no David about author?

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Is No, David fiction or nonfiction?

What is your review of the book I Am David?

I Am David is a great book to read. It is a story about a little boy who has been in a concentration camp his whole life. David had one friend there named Johannes. Johannes helps him to learn stuff he needs. David loved Johannes alot but in camp if you were very smart you would be put to death. When David is offered a chance to escape he takes it.

What kind of person is David in the book?

Despite the rigors of life in a prison concentration camp, abandoned by his mother and seeing his only friend die, David is a kind person by nature who feels compelled to help people without asking for anything in return, although he does not consciously know all the time that by doing so, he is performing acts of kindness.

Is there an audiobook version of David Copperfield?

David Copperfield is available in an excellent audiobook version read by Richard Armitage. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

What do you like most about the voyage of David?

An incredibly sensitive and charming book leaving a deep impression , about the voyage across Europe , of David , a boy escaped from a Communist Gulag in Eastern Europe. Descriptive and insightful.