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What is multiplexer and demultiplexers?

What is multiplexer and demultiplexers?

Demultiplexer. Definition. Multiplexer refers to a type of combinational circuit that accepts multiple inputs of data but provides only a single output. The demultiplexer refers to the type of combinational circuit that accepts just a single input but directs it through multiple outputs.

What are multiplexers and demultiplexers used for?

The basic function of a multiplexer: combining multiple inputs into a single data stream. On the receiving side, a demultiplexer splits the single data stream into the original multiple signals.

What is a multiplexer in digital electronics?

A multiplexer is a combinational circuit that has 2n input lines and a single output line. Simply, the multiplexer is a multi-input and single-output combinational circuit. The binary information is received from the input lines and directed to the output line.

What are multiplexers and decoders?

Multiplexer is a data selector which takes several inputs and gives a single output.In multiplexer we have 2n input lines and 1 output lines where n is the number of selection lines. 2. Decoder : Decoder is a logic circuit which n input lines into m output lines.

Where is a multiplexer used?

In telephone networks, multiple audio signals are integrated on a single line of transmission with the help of a multiplexer. The multiplexer is used to transmit the data signals from the computer system of a spacecraft or a satellite to the ground system by using a GSM satellite.

What are the applications of MUX?

Applications of Multiplexers

  • Communication System. A communication system has both a communication network and a transmission system.
  • Computer Memory.
  • Telephone Network.
  • Transmission from the Computer System of a Satellite.
  • Communication System.
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit.
  • Serial to Parallel Converter.
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What is the function of multiplexer?

A multiplexer (MUX) is a network device that allows one or more analog or digital input signals to travel together over the same communications transmission link.

What is multiplexer and its application?

The multiplexer is a combinational logic circuit designed to switch one of several input lines to a single common output line by the application of a control logic. The input has a maximum of 2N data inputs (where N = selection or control lines) and single output line.

What is the other name of multiplexer?

An alternative name of the multiplexer is MUX or data selector. A demultiplexer uses one input signal and generates many.

What are the advantages of MUX?

1] It reduces ckt complexity and cost. 2] We can implement many combinations logic ckts using multiplexer. 3] It does not need K-maps and simplification. 4] On the advance level the ability of MUX to switch directed s/g can be extended to smter video.

What is the advantage of multiplexer?

The advantage of multiplexing is that we can transmit a large number of signals to a single medium. This channel can be a physical medium like a coaxial, metallic conductor or a wireless link and will have to handle multiple signals at a time. Thus the cost of transmission can be reduced.

How many types of multiplexers are there?

There are mainly two types of multiplexers, namely analog and digital. They are further divided into Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM), Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), and Time Division Multiplexing (TDM).

How can a decoder be used as a demultiplexer?

Encoder converts information from one format or code to another

  • Encoders are used to translate rotary or linear motion (mechanical movement) into a digital signal.
  • This is for the purpose of monitoring or controlling motion parameters such as speed,rate,direction,distance or position.
  • What are the applications of demultiplexer?

    To enable the different rows of memory chips depends on the address.

  • To chose different banks of memory.
  • To enable different functions unit in the system
  • To select different IO devices fro data transfer
  • Demux also used for synchronous data transmission systems
  • Boolean function implementation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Combinational circuit design
  • What is the difference between multiplexer and buffer?

    signal sel,x,y,z : std_logic;

  • process (sel1,sel2,x,y,z)
  • begin
  • if sel1 = ‘1’ then
  • out <=
  • Can a decoder be used as a multiplexer?

    The purpose of using the decoder and demultiplexer devices are different where decoder, decodes the encrypted form of data. Conversely, demultiplexer distributes data and information from one line to other several lines. However, the decoder can also be used as a demultiplexer.