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What is another way to say made it clear?

What is another way to say made it clear?

explain; make explicit; make clear. make clear; make clearer; elucidate; illustrate; explain; correct; visualize; visualise.

What is another way to say to be clear?

What is another word for be clear?

be conspicuous be obvious
be clear-cut be palpable
be unmistakable be writ large
be undeniable be indisputable
be inescapable be blinding

What is another word for something that doesn’t work?

What is another word for doesn’t work?

unusable inoperable
broken defective
faulty malfunctioning
nonfunctional damaged
inoperative unavailable

How do you say professionally just clear?

Just so we’re clear, let me rephrase what Mark just said. Just so we’re clear, let’s go through this once more. To be clear, I asked you to do this yesterday so I expected you to be done by now. To be clear, I expected this work to be done by now.

What’s another word for unusable?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unusable, like: useless, impracticable, impractical, unuseable, inaccessible, inoperative, unserviceable, unworkable, inutile, worthless and redundant.

How would you describe something not working?

“The printer is not working and needs to be repaired.”…What is another word for not working?

busted inoperative
malfunctioning unusable
damaged down
faulty inactive
incapacitated kaput

When something has no clear structure it is?

Amorphous means without a clearly defined form, like the moon’s amorphous reflection in a lake. Figuratively, something amorphous lacks focus, be it a work of art, a political movement, or even someone’s life plans.

How do you say not legible?

Synonyms & Antonyms for illegible

  1. indecipherable,
  2. undecipherable,
  3. unreadable.

What can I say instead of just to clarify?

synonyms for clarify

  • analyze.
  • clear up.
  • define.
  • formulate.
  • interpret.
  • resolve.
  • simplify.
  • spell out.

How do you say just to clarify politely?

20 Email Expressions to Ask for Clarification

  1. If I understood you correctly, you would like me to…
  2. As previously stated…
  3. Could you please clarify what you meant by…?
  4. Sorry if I was unclear.
  5. As per my last email…
  6. Please let me know if I misunderstood.
  7. Please let me know how we can avoid this in the future.

What is a synonym for clears?

Synonyms for clears. disburdens, disencumbers, divests, frees, relieves, rids, unburdens. Words Related to clears.

What is another word for contents?

Contents: a major object of interest or concern (as in a discussion or artistic composition). Synonyms: matters, motifs, motives… Find the right word.

How does the adjective clear contrast with its synonyms?

How does the adjective clear contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of clear are limpid, translucent, and transparent. While all these words mean “capable of being seen through,” clear implies absence of cloudiness, haziness, or muddiness.

What is the opposite of clear in English?

muddy, murky, turbid. Antonyms for clear. cloudy, opaque. 2 not subject to misinterpretation or more than one interpretation. the meaning of her broad smile was clear to the whole class. Synonyms for clear.