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What is a1 zoning in Prince William County?

What is a1 zoning in Prince William County?

The A-1, Agricultural Zoning District is intended to implement the agricultural or estate classification of the Comprehensive Plan.

Do you need a permit for a fence in Prince William County VA?

Zoning approval is required for all fences. A building permit is not required, unless the fence is required for pedestrian safety or used for the barrier of a swimming pool.

What is b1 zoning in Virginia?

B-1, General Business: This zoning district allows retail stores, shopping centers, office, and institutional uses.

Is panhandling illegal in Prince William County VA?

In Prince William County, panhandling is illegal.

Can you open carry in Prince William County VA?

Open Carry is legal in Virginia in most places with or without a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). Concealed Carry requires, with a few exceptions, a CHP. (See ยง18.2-308, Sections B, C, & D for the exceptions.)

What does r2 zoning mean in Virginia?

These districts are intended to be used for single-family residential development with low to moderate population densities.

Can you live on farmland?

Properties like churches, utilities, schools, hospitals, offices, feed stores, kennels, etc., are often allowed to inhabit agricultural land. But, if you’re buying agriculturally zoned land to build a house on, you have to be comfortable living next to farms that might raise livestock.

What do I need to open a business in Prince William County?

Business Licensing – Prince William County requires a County Business License. Typically the business license is issued after an Occupancy Permit is issued. 5. Planning/Zoning Approval

What is the Prince William County ePortal?

The Prince William County ePortal system is the fast and easy way to apply for permits and inspections online. ePortal is a web-based content management system that offers many benefits to residents, homeowners, and trade contractors.

Do I need a building permit in Prince William County?

The VUSBC and Prince William County Code of Ordinances require permits for all new construction, additions, installations, alterations/remodeling, demolition, changes of use, changes of occupancy, movement of a lot or property line, removal or disturbing any asbestos and any work not specifically exempted by the Code.