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What is a Long Branch Colt?

What is a Long Branch Colt?

The Long Branch was the most popular and refined saloon in Dodge City, KS in 1878. The saloon hosted many well known lawmen, like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Masterson brothers. The Colt P1840LBC is a carbon steel Single Action Army with a 4 3/4 inch barrel in .45LC caliber .

What revolver has the longest barrel?

Colt Buntline
Produced 1957–1992
Barrel length 12 inches (30 cm)
Cartridge .45 Colt

What is the longest barrel on a 357 magnum?

8 3/8-inch barrel
And from Smith & Wesson, the longest available is a full-lug 8 3/8-inch barrel on a medium-large (L)-framed 686, $550.

What is the length of a 45 Long Colt?

Commonly called the .45 Long Colt (LC), the overall length of the round is 1.6 inches. It features a large pistol primer and is pressurized to 14,000 pounds per square inch (psi). According to Cartridges of the World, the original .45 Colt cartridge featured about 40 grain (gr) of blackpowder and a 255 gr lead bullet.

How long is the barrel on a Colt single action revolver?

Lake described them as extra-long Colt Single Action Army revolvers, with a 12-inch (300 mm)-long barrel, and stated that Buntline presented them to five lawmen in thanks for their help in contributing local color to his western yarns.

How much does a Colt 45 cost in California?

Cimarron Model P U.S. Cavalry 45 (Long) Colt 7.5in Blued Revolver – 6 Rounds – California Compliant $559.99

Who invented the Colt Buntline revolver?

Lake conceived the idea of a revolver that would be more precise and could be easily modified to work similarly to a rifle. According to Lake, the Colt Buntline was a single-action revolver chambered for .45 Long Colt cartridge. However, it had a 12-inch-long (305 mm) barrel, in comparison to the Colt Peacemaker ‘s 7.5-inch (190 mm) barrel.