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What does the sprayer do in Farming Simulator 15?

What does the sprayer do in Farming Simulator 15?

A Fertilizer Sprayer (not to be confused with a Fertilizer Spreader) is a piece of equipment that can cover a field with Liquid Fertilizer. This doubles the field’s Crop yield. Fertilizer Sprayers are small and somewhat cheap, but the fertilizer they use is expensive.

Where do you store wood chips in Farming Simulator 15?

Farming Simulator 15 Look for the building wiht conveyor belts in the back, there are 3 stalls. 1 for wood chips, 1 for potatoes and 1 for beets. The wood chip stall does not have a conveyor belt for loading so you will need a front loader with a bucket scoop to pick up the wood chips and put them in a tipper.

How do you get slurry in Farming Simulator 15?

Slurry is automatically created at the Biogas Plant, when selling Silage for profit. To sell Silage, a Front Loader will empty a bucket of it into one of the Fliegl receptacles, whereupon the Biogas Plant will begin to process it. As part of this process, Slurry will automatically be generated as well.

Where do I fill my slurry tank in Farming Simulator 2015?

The Slurry Tanker can be filled directly at either of the two available stationary Slurry tanks, which are located at the Cow Pasture and the Biogas Plant. This assumes that the tanks contain any Slurry at the time, of course.

How do I get rid of fs22 bushes?

What can I do to get rid of these small annoying bushes? if implements won’t remove them, you can usually remove bushes or plants by painting over them with a ground texture or meadow grass using the landscaping tools.

What do you do with slurry?

Slurry is created from cow manure and water and provides a fantastic, natural fertiliser that farmers can use to encourage the growth of grass and other crops. It is usually stored in a slurry tank or lagoon before it is applied to farmland as fertiliser.

How do you use a slurry tank?

To fill up, drive the Slurry Tanker up to one of these stationary tanks. You will get the option to “Refill”. Press the appropriate button to start the refilling process. Refilling will stop automatically if the Tanker is full, if the Slurry tank is empty, or if you drive the Tanker away from the Slurry tank.

How do I get a slurry fs22?

Manure And Slurry Dealer Pack

  1. Manure purchase point: Place this on your farm to buy manure. Price: 25000 $
  2. Manure point of sale: Place this on your farm to sell manure.
  3. Slurry purchase point: Place this on your farm to buy slurry.
  4. Slurry storage point: Place this on your farm to storage your slurry.
  5. Slurry sales point:

What does mulching do fs22?

Mulching in Farming Simulator 22 will allow players to mulch grass and the stubble left in fields after harvesting, which in turn will improve soil quality so that future yields are better. However, even the best soil can be undone by the thousands of stones found in the ground.