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What does a tympanometry test for?

What does a tympanometry test for?

Tympanometry. Tympanometry tests how well your eardrum moves.

What type of tympanogram is Meniere’s disease?

In Ménière’s disease carriers the tympanometric patterns found with 678 Hz probe tone indicated the presence of a more rigid tympano-ossicular system.

What diseases can tympanometry be used to diagnose?

The test can help your doctor determine if you have:

  • fluid in your middle ear.
  • otitis media (a middle ear infection)
  • a perforation (tear) in the tympanic membrane.
  • a problem with the eustachian tube, which links the upper part of the throat and nose with the middle ear.

What is a normal ear pressure?

Normal middle ear pressure should be somewhere between +50 to –150 dePa (mm water). The probe tip tone is directed to the tympanic membrane during the two seconds of the pressure change described above.

What is abnormal tympanometry?

What does it mean if my test results are abnormal? Abnormal tympanometry test results may suggest: fluid in the middle ear. perforation of the eardrum (tympanic membrane) scarring of the eardrum, which usually results from frequent ear infections.

What is the normal ear pressure?

What is tympanometry for otitis media (OM)?

Tympanometry is a clinically relevant supplement to the examination of a child in general practice. Jung Johansen EC, Lildholdt T, Damsbo N and Eriksen EW. Tympanometry for diagnosis and treatment of otitis media in general practice. Family Practice 2000; 17: 317–322. Otitis media is one of the most common diseases in children seen by the GP.

Does the introduction of tympanometry in general practice improve diagnosis?

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the introduction of tympanometry in general practice, specifically changes in diagnosis when the present diagnostic routine is supplemented by tympanometry. Furthermore, the adherence to guidelines for treatment was investigated, especially the agreed strategy for use of antibiotics.

How do you treat negative tympanometry?

Tympanometry indicating negative pressure or fluid in middle ear. Symptomatic treatment with analgesics and/ or decongesting nose drops, saline for infants. If middle ear pressure more negative than –299 daPa or fluid present, a check-up should be scheduled in 4 weeks.