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What are the new gTLDs?

What are the new gTLDs?

The New gTLD Program is an initiative coordinated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), that is enabling the largest expansion of the domain name system. Via the introduction of new top-level domains (TLDs), the program aims to enhance innovation, competition and consumer choice.

Can I create a new TLD?

Any established public or private organization anywhere in the world can apply to create and operate a new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) registry. Applicants will need to demonstrate the operational, technical and financial capability to run a registry and comply with additional specific requirements.

What are the available TLDs?

Types of TLDs

  • gTLD: these are generic top-level domains, which include the generic .com, . net, . gov, . org, and more.
  • sTLD: sponsored top-level domains include . museum, . travel, . sch, among others.
  • ccTLD: is short for country code top-level domains and based on the country of origin. . ca, . uk, . ae, and .

How many gTLDs are there?

The number of gTLD as of March 2018 exceeds 1,200 domains….Generic top-level domain.

Historical generic TLDs
Domain Intended use
gov Governmental use, but now primarily for US governmental entities and agencies

How much does it cost to create a new TLD?

US$6,250 per calendar quarter
Once an application has successfully passed all the evaluation steps, the applicant is required to sign a New gTLD Agreement (also called Registry Agreement) with ICANN. Under the agreement, there are two fees: (a) a fixed fee of US$6,250 per calendar quarter; (b) and a transaction fee of US$0.25.

What is the most expensive TLD?

Here are the 25 most expensive domain names publicly reported.

  • — $49.7 million.
  • — $35.6 million.
  • — $35 million.
  • — $30.18 million.
  • — $30 million.
  • — $18 million.
  • — $17 million.
  • — $16 million.

How many Gtlds are there?

How many TLDs are there 2021?

As of March 2021, the IANA root database includes 1589 TLDs. That also includes 68 that are not assigned (revoked), 8 that are retired and 11 test domains. Those are not represented in IANA’s listing and are not in root. zone file (root.

How many domain names are there 2021?

Total Number of Domain Names by Year

Year Number of Domain Names
2020 7240
2021 8773
2022 4416
Total 105425

Are premium domains worth it?

In some cases, a premium domain is definitely worth the money, while in others it may be an unjustified expense and a loss of money. + You can get the best possible domain. Whether it was the first one that came to mind, or you chose it after a careful consideration, it is clearly your first choice for a domain name.