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What AFL players are out of contract?

What AFL players are out of contract?

AFL out-of-contract players: Who’s yet to re-sign at your club?

  • Adelaide. Taylor Walker.
  • Brisbane. Daniel McStay.
  • Carlton. Lewis Young.
  • Collingwood. Jordan De Goey.
  • Essendon. Andrew McGrath.
  • Fremantle. Alex Pearce.
  • Geelong. Max Holmes.
  • Gold Coast. Jack Lukosius.

What is NFA in AFL?

Player retires OR rejects offer from current club OR requests removal from club list (‘delists’ himself). Once a player has qualified for free agency they will be a free agent at the end of each subsequent contract. A player who became a free agent previously, but is no longer on an AFL list, will be a free agent.

Who is the number 1 player in the AFL?

Clayton Oliver
AFL Player Ratings

Rank Player Team
1 Clayton Oliver Melbourne
2 Christian Petracca Melbourne
3 Lachie Neale Brisbane
4 Touk Miller Gold Coast

Where is James Sicily from?

James Sicily (born 6 January 1995) is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays as a forward and defender for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL)….

James Sicily
Number 6
Playing career1
Years Club Games (Goals)
2014– Hawthorn 107 (58)

What position does Liam baker play?


Liam Baker
Weight 69 kg (152 lb)
Position(s) Utility
Club information
Current club Richmond

How do you become an AFL agent?

The accreditation process forms part of the AFLPA Professional Certificate (Player Agent), a two-day course that concludes with the Agent Accreditation Entrance Exam. This course is held once a year in June. The course aims to educate participants on the key aspects of player management in the AFL environment.

How do you become an AFL free agent?

The condition that a player must have come out of contract after eight years to then qualify for Unrestricted Free Agency at 10 years has been removed (irrespective of when a player had signed his previous contract, all ten-year players are Unrestricted Free Agents);

Who kicked most goals AFL?

Tony Lockett
Most VFL/AFL goals

# Player Goals
1 Tony Lockett 1360
2 Gordon Coventry 1299‡
3 Jason Dunstall 1254‡
4 Doug Wade 1057

Who is a free agent in football?

In professional association football, a free agent is either a player that has been released by a professional association football club and now is no longer affiliated with any league, or a player whose contract with his or her current club has expired and is thus free to join any other club under the terms of the …

What is a free transfer in football?

In professional association football, a free transfer, also known as a Bosman transfer, involves a professional association football club releasing a player when the player’s contract has expired or made available just before the end of the contract.

How long is James Sicily out for?

The gun defender, who has returned from his knee reconstruction in brilliant form for the Hawks this season, has agreed to a five-year extension, which was first flagged in au’s Inside Trading in March. It makes him a Hawk until the end of 2027, when he will be 32.

When did James Sicily debut?

2015James Sicily / Date joined (Hawthorn Football Club)

Who is No 7 in Richmond?

Liam Baker
After being undrafted in 2016, Baker then played senior WAFL football with Subiaco. Baker was drafted by Richmond in the 2018 rookie draft and made his AFL debut in round 19, 2018….

Liam Baker
Current club Richmond
Number 7
Playing career1
Years Club Games (Goals)

How much do AFL agents make?

Typically agents won’t charge a fee during a player’s first season or if they are on a rookie contract. From their second year on a list, it’s usually in the 2% to five per cent range on any football payments a player earns. In relation to any commercial or promotional activities, the typical rate is 20 per cent.

How much is the AFL salary cap?

The salary cap, known officially as Total Player Payments, is A$13,000,000 for the 2019 season with a salary floor of $12,350,000.

What’s a restricted free agent AFL?

Restricted free agents are players who fall in the top 25 per cent best paid players at their respective clubs and come out of contract after their eighth or ninth season at the club, with their owner clubs able to match rival bids for them under free agency rules.

Who are the AFL’s uncontracted players for the 2019 draft?

The pick of the AFL’s uncontracted players 1 JOE DANIHER (Essendon) 2 JORDAN DE GOEY (Collingwood) 3 BEN BROWN (North Melbourne) 4 BRAD CROUCH (Adelaide) 5 DARCY MOORE (Collingwood) 6 ZAC WILLIAMS (Greater Western Sydney) 7 ANDREW McGRATH (Essendon) 8 JACK VINEY (Melbourne)

Who are the dogs’ uncontracted stars?

The Dogs’ batch of uncontracted stars includes free agents Caleb Daniel and Bailey Dale, as well as gun youngsters like Bailey Smith, Tim English and Josh Dunkley. Tim English in action against West Coast in round 11 on May 28, 2022.

Can a player accept a transfer offer from a rival club?

They can accept an offer from a rival club, but their current club has the choice to match the offer made to them and they must then seek a trade if they still wish to move clubs.