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How much of the movie Almost Famous is true?

How much of the movie Almost Famous is true?

It tells the story of a teenage journalist writing for Rolling Stone in the early 1970s, his touring with the fictitious rock band Stillwater, and his efforts to get his first cover story published. The film is semi-autobiographical, as Crowe himself was a teenage writer for Rolling Stone.

What makes Almost Famous so good?

Almost Famous is realistic, funny, touching, and one of those rare movies that makes you feel like you’ve gained something just for having seen it. It’s too bad that they say rock and roll is dead, cause we could sure use more movies like this one!

Is Stillwater a real band from Almost Famous?

Is Stillwater a real band? Stillwater is a composite of bands and musicians who Cameron Crowe met whilst working at Rolling Stone. It is said to be likely that guitarist Russell Hammond is based on Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers, who Crowe went on tour with in 1973.

Who was the Rolling Stone editor in Almost Famous?

Editor Ben Fong-Torres
Pennie Lane and Rolling Stone Editor Ben Fong-Torres Talk 20 Years of ‘Almost Famous’ | Portland Monthly.

Is Stillwater based on the Eagles?

There was an actual band from the 1970s named Stillwater, too, and they agreed to allow Crowe to use their name. Russel Hammond himself is based on The Eagles’ Glen Frey, while the near fatal plane crash in the movie was based on an experience while traveling with The Who.

How old is Penny Lane Almost Famous?

16 yr old
Kate Hudson who played 16 yr old Penny Lane is 2 months older than Liz Stauber, who played the 20-something Leslie.

What band is Stillwater supposed to be?

Stillwater was essentially a composite of five bands that Crowe toured with as a journalist for Rolling Stone: Poco, The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. There was an actual band from the 1970s named Stillwater, too, and they agreed to allow Crowe to use their name.

Did Stillwater make the cover of Rolling Stone?

The real Stillwater didn’t travel on a private plane and never made the cover of Rolling Stone, as Crowe’s faux road dogs did. But during the Seventies, they managed a minor chart hit and released two albums on the same label as fellow Southern rockers like the Allman Brothers Band and the Marshall Tucker Band.

What does Opie mean in Almost Famous?

The Andy Griffith Show (1960) (TV Series) The three ‘band-aids’ who deflower William refer to him as “Opie” The Hustler (1961) Manager telling wife/girlfriend something that the audience can’t hear – woman’s suicide attempt follows.

Was Stillwater based on a true story?

Is Stillwater based on a true story? The short answer is yes, however it pays to note that the premise of Stillwater was merely inspired by the murder investigation surrounding Amanda Knox.

Did William lose his virginity in Almost Famous?

While travelling with Stillwater, Crowe’s Almost Famous stand-in William Miller (newcomer Patrick Fugit) loses his virginity to three “band aids” – young rock devotees accompanying the group.

What was Penny Lane’s real name?

Pennie Ann Trumbull
Pennie Ann Trumbull (born July 3, 1954), also known as Pennie Lane, is an American socialite, philanthropist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. During the 1970s she formed the group The Flying Garter Girls, which traveled around the country as groupies for famous rock bands.