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How much cargo weight can a 767 carry?

How much cargo weight can a 767 carry?

approximately 58 tons
With more than 15,469 feet3 (438 m3) of cargo volume available, and the ability to carry approximately 58 tons (52.7 tonnes) of revenue payload more than 3,255 nautical miles (6,025 km), this airplane is an ideal freighter to meet medium-size requirements and to replace aging 707 and DC-8 freighters.

How much does a Boeing 767 300 weigh?

Boeing 767 Specs Table

Variant 767 200 767 300
Weights 767 200 767 300
Operating Empty Weight 80,130 kg (176,650 lb) 86,070 kg (189,750 lb)
Max. Takeoff Weight 142,880 kg (315,000 lb) 158,760 kg (350,000 lb)
Fuel 767 200 767 300

What is a Boeing 767 weigh?

Max T/O Weight : 412000 Lb. Max Landing Weight : 320000 Lb. Empty Weight : 195040 Lb.

Is the 767 a heavy aircraft?

This is a list of aircraft sorted by maximum takeoff weight….Airplanes.

Type Boeing 767-300ER
MLW [tonnes] 136.08
TOR [m] 2713
LR [m] 1676
ICAO category Heavy

How much does a fully loaded Boeing 767 weight?

Configuration Objectives

Design weights Basic Option
Maximum taxi weight 401,000 lb 181,890 kg 451,000 lb 204,570 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 400,000 lb 181,440 kg 450,000 lb 204,120 kg
Maximum landing weight 350,000 lb 158,760 kg 350,000 lb 158,760 kg

What aircraft can carry the most weight?

You know those planes that fly with a space shuttle on their backs? Well the Antonov An-225 Mriya is the biggest of them all. It holds the world record for the largest single-item payload, 418,834 pounds, as well as the record for total airlifted payload—559,577 pounds, or 280 tons.

How much does a fully loaded 777 weigh?

With a maximum takeoff weight of 766,000 pounds (347,450 kilograms), the 777F has a revenue payload capability of more than 226,000 pounds (102.8 metric tons).

What are the specifications of the Boeing 767-300?

Boeing 767-300 Specifications 767-300 767-300ER Wing area (m2) 283.3 283.3 Weight Weight Maximum take-off weight (kg) 158 760 186 880 Maximum landing weight (kg) 136 080 145 150

What are the differences between the Boeing 767 and 767-200ER?

The flightdeck and systems were carried directly over from the 767-200, the only other changes were minor, and related to the increased weights of the new version. Initially the max takeoff weight was the same as the later 767-200ER.

When did the 767 300 fly for the first time?

The 767-300 flew for the first time on January 30 1986, and was awarded certification and entered service in September that year. The higher weight Extended Range ER version flew on December 19 1986, while RollsRoyce RB-211-524G engines became available from 1989.

How much does a Boeing 767-300 cost?

Boeing 767-300 – Price, Specs, Photo Gallery, History – Aero Corner Mid Size Passenger Jets Boeing 767-300 Current cost $217.9 million USA