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How long is Seiko warranty?

How long is Seiko warranty?

three year
Your three year U.S. warranty protection is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Seiko Timepiece. In the event your timepiece requires service, please visit for a complete list of instructions.

What does Seiko watch warranty cover?

During the guarantee period, we guarantee free repair / adjustment service against any defects on the watch head (movement and case) and metallic band, provided that the watch was used as directed in the instruction manual.

How do I contact Seiko customer service?

(201) 529-3316Seiko / Customer service

Is Seiko warranty transferable?

This warranty is transferable. Some states of the United States and some jurisdictions outside the United States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damage or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

Does Seiko have international warranty?

The worldwide warranty for Grand Seiko will be provided by an authorized Grand Seiko dealer at the time of purchase. If you plan to purchase a Grand Seiko in Japan and take it out of Japan, make sure to receive the Grand Seiko worldwide warranty at the time of purchase.

How often should you service your Seiko?

about every three years
Frequency of such work depends on the climate and the owner’s individual care of the watch, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every three years at an Authorized Seiko Service Center. Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop.

Where is Seiko USA located?

1111 Macarthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430
SEIKO Watch of America LLC

Address 1111 Macarthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430, U.S.A.
Tel +1-201-529-5730
Fax +1-201-529-4525
E-mail [email protected]

How do I get my Seiko serviced?

We recommend that you contact an Authorized Seiko Service Center or a Seiko appointed dealer for watch repairs. A watch is a very sensitive precision instrument which requires servicing by highly trained and skilled technicians using special tools developed by Seiko.

How do I return my Seiko watch?

When returning a product during the thirty (30) day return period, contact our customer center at [email protected] or 1-800-808-0338. All product packaging and materials, including, instructions, warranty card, and batteries must be returned with the product.

Can I register my Seiko watch?

Register your Seiko product Upon delivery of your lenses your optician provided their card of authenticity. On the back of this card, you will find all the necessary elements to complete the fields below. It will only take four minutes to complete your registration!

Can a Seiko automatic watch be repaired?

Do they fake Seiko watches?

New Seiko watches are accompanied by a guarantee certificate. The style and details may vary according to watch model and country. But check that all copy is aligned and evenly spaced. Remember that authentic certificates can accompany counterfeit watches.

Do Seiko watches come with any warranty?

Your three year U.S. warranty protection is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Seiko Timepiece. In the event your timepiece requires service, please visit Register your watch for an additional 1-year U.S. warranty (for purchases made on

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Seiko is not a luxury watch brand. While luxury watches are directly related to higher price tags by using the finest materials, this is not Seiko’s vision. Next to innovative technology, Seiko strives to create watches that have a strong emotional appeal while remaining affordable.

Can we trust Seiko for solar watches?

Using the Seiko solar watch can provide with many of the advantages that are stated below: No batteries to replace: The basic watch or the smartwatch requires to be charged after a specific period. But the Seiko solar watch has no such issue of replacing the batteries.

How to spot a fake Seiko Watch?

– Top left: Fake SKX007 Arrow-tip second hand and white “Diver’s 200m” text signifies this is not the real thing. – Top right: Imitation SKX171K diver with a black-and-red bezel. – Bottom left: Same as top right, albeit with a phony SKX171K style dial. – Bottom right: Fake SKX171K on rubber strap.