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How do you use Excruciate in a sentence?

How do you use Excruciate in a sentence?

(2) When I bend my arm, the pain is excruciating. (3) He died after five days of excruciating torture. (4) The pain in my back was excruciating. (5) She groaned at the memory, suffering all over again the excruciating embarrassment of those moments.

What is the synonym of torment?

Some common synonyms of torment are afflict, rack, torture, and try. While all these words mean “to inflict on a person something that is hard to bear,” torment suggests persecution or the repeated inflicting of suffering or annoyance. a horse tormented by flies.

How do you use educated guess in a sentence?

It is an educated guess about what the courts might find if they were invited to consider that question. My educated guess is that the next election will be within the next 12 to 18 months. Fortunately, despite the lack of official national statistics, we can make an educated guess at the extent of the problem.

How do you use round of applause in a sentence?

All the players give her a wild round of applause. Overwhelmed by this the whole audience gives them a loud round of applause. Around 300 people had gathered to pay their respects and a round of applause from the assembled crowd greeted the arrival of the cars. She deserves rounds of applause.

Which is the closest antonym for the word excruciating?


  • cozy,
  • luxurious,
  • snug.
  • What’s another word for educated guess?

    What is another word for educated guess?

    estimation estimate
    guess guesstimate
    approximation opinion
    postulate hypothesis
    intelligent guess informed guess

    What is called educated guess?

    An educated guess is a guess which is based on a certain amount of knowledge and is therefore likely to be correct. Estimating the right cooking time will always be an educated guess.

    Is round of applause an idiom?

    Noun. round of applause (plural rounds of applause) (idiomatic) An outburst of clapping among a group or audience. Please give all of the fantastic performers a big round of applause for their efforts this evening!

    How do you say give a big round of applause?

    1. Let’s give a (big) round of applause for… This is a fairly standard way to tell a crowd to applaud for someone.
    2. Give it up for…
    3. Put your hands together for…
    4. Let’s give a warm welcome to…
    5. Let’s hear it for…
    6. Another round of applause for…
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    What’s a word for emotionally hurt?

    anguish Add to list Share. The noun anguish refers to severe physical or emotional pain or distress.

    Does excruciating mean out of the cross?

    As a matter of fact, the word excruciating comes from the Latin world excruciare, and it was a Roman word meaning “as painful as a crucifixion or from/out of the cross.” The pain derived from crucifixion was so intense that the Romans had to create a new word for it, and that word is the root of excruciating.

    What is the meaning of ex-cruelty?

    ex·cru·ci·ate 1 To inflict severe pain on; torture. 2 To inflict great mental distress on. More

    What is the root word of Excruciate?

    (obsolete) Excruciated; tortured. To inflict great mental distress on. Latin excruciatus, past participle of excruciare, from ex- + cruciare, from cruc-, crux cross – to work against; oppose.

    What is the meaning of ex-crucifixion?

    To inflict great mental distress on. [Latin excruciāre, excruciāt- : ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + cruciāre, to crucify, torture (from crux, cruc-, cross ).] ex·cru′ci·a′tion n.

    What is a good sentence for Excruciate?

    Examples of excruciate in a Sentence. she has long been excruciated by a persistent pain in her knee. Recent Examples on the Web. Mandelup walks the tightest of ropes, exposing the reciprocal delusions fuelling these transactions, juxtaposing the audience’s horror with her subjects’ excruciating pragmatism.