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How do you survive the first day in Minecraft?

How do you survive the first day in Minecraft?

Craft stone tools and weapons – these are more durable than wood.

  1. Gather another 20 blocks of wood using your stone axe instead of your hand.
  2. Kill some animals with your stone sword.
  3. Kill 3 sheep, then craft a bed.
  4. Craft a furnace.
  5. Use your wooden tools as fuel to cook the raw meat (you don’t need them now).

What was the first Minecraft video on YouTube?

The first-ever Minecraft video on YouTube was shared by YouTuber @jwaap, nearly 12 years ago on May 17, 2009. The one-minute long video shows the building of a structure where you can see the player go through different areas of the structure.

Is Grian family friendly?

Grian. Grian is an expert Minecraft Builder who’s easy to follow tutorials and Lets plays are accessible and entertaining. He is super friendly and very Child and family friendly. A popular recent series he’s produced has been revisiting and playing in all the versions of Minecraft through the ages.

How do you make a shelter in Minecraft?

Steps to make a Shelter

  1. Dig into a Mountain. Since you won’t have a lot of resources when you first get started, the easiest way to build a shelter is to dig into the side of a mountain to make your shelter.
  2. Build the Entrance.
  3. Build the Room.
  4. Add Torches.
  5. Add a Wooden Door.

How do you make a Minecraft shield?

How to Craft the Shield

  1. Obtain six wood planks.
  2. Obtain one iron ingot.
  3. Open your crafting table.
  4. Arrange your planks and iron ingot in the crafting table. Put the iron ingot in the middle of the top row.
  5. Drag the shield from the upper right box to your inventory.
  6. Your shield is now ready to use.

What is the most popular game in YouTube 2021?

  1. Minecraft. Minecraft is among the first games that got exposure on YouTube.
  2. Fortnite. Like Minecraft, Fortnite is also a popular video game on YouTube that’s been watched by millions of viewers.
  3. Grand Theft Auto V.
  4. Garena Free Fire.
  5. Roblox.
  6. PUBG Mobile.
  7. League of Legends.
  8. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround.

What happened to the Paul plays Minecraft series?

In 2013, the original Paul Plays Minecraft series was started, and eventually abandoned after 45 episodes. Later Paul announced he would revamp the series, motivated by the all the new updates to Minecraft since the abandonment.

Does Paul swear in his Minecraft videos?

He is married to MinecraftMom (Paul does a survival series with MinecraftMom called “Man, Woman, Minecraft” seasons 1 and 2) and his three kids go by Jumbomuffin, Remmi, and Chiefchirpa (originally known as Lofar in Minecraft). Unlike other Minecraft players, Paul does not swear. But, he will occasionally say “damn” or “crap”.

What mods does Paul play with other people?

DayZ (Paul plays the Arma 2 mod DayZ both alone and with other people such as Luclin, who he is great friends with, and Wolv21. Paul has also made a series about MineZ, which is the minecraft version of DayZ, which he also occasionally plays with Luclin, Wolv21, and Paul’s son JumboMuffin also shows up.

What do Paul and his kids do on Minecraft?

Paul and his kids do a variety of different things on the series, including playing and building on their multiple family servers, doing adventure maps, and showing off their public server, and going on adventures in Minecraft.