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How do you pay for toll roads in Victoria?

How do you pay for toll roads in Victoria?

You can buy a pass before you travel or, up to 3 days after you travel on a toll road….CityLink

  1. CityLink passes (Linkt) (External link) – CityLink only.
  2. EastLink trip passes (External link) – Eastlink only.
  3. Melbourne Pass (External link) – CityLink and EastLink.

Is EastLink same as CityLink?

EastLink is not owned by Transurban, and your EastLink account will continue to operate exactly as before. This means you can continue to use CityLink as well as EastLink, and your CityLink tolls will be charged to your EastLink account in exactly the same way as before.

Will Google Maps tell me if there are tolls?

Google adds info for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia.

How much is toll tunnel in Melbourne?

A video matching fee per trip of $0.55 on CityLink and $0.31 on East Link is charged. Payments occur automatically after every $10 worth of travel. Cover charge of $5.50 is required to buy the Melbourne toll pass.

Can I use my Sydney toll in Melbourne?

Using toll roads in Sydney and Melbourne If you’re travelling to Sydney or Melbourne, a pre-paid account can cover you for trips on toll roads in those cities. To avoid any additional charges, make sure your vehicle is linked to your account. This way, any tolls you incur will be charged to your account.

Does my Victorian ETAG work in Sydney?

If you’re borrowing a car while in Sydney, you can still use your tag. Just add the vehicle’s licence plate number to your account while you’re in town, and remember to remove it when you leave. It’s worth noting that Sydney toll charges and fees may take a little longer to appear on your account than local trips.

Does Linkt cover CityLink?

A Linkt Everyday or Commercial account covers you for travel on all toll roads in Australia, including Sydney’s Linkt network. Sydney tolls are deducted from your account as you travel.

What is the difference between Linkt and e-toll?

The technology had different names depending on the issuer, such as Breeze (Eastlink Melbourne), Linkt (Transurban, includes former names E-way and go via), and E-toll (Transport for NSW). However, these are all interchangeable across Australia and no surcharges apply for use on other operators’ toll roads.

What is a toll road in Victoria?

Toll roads are roads where you have to pay a fee to travel on them. There are two toll roads in Victoria: CityLink, which connects the Tullamarine Freeway, West Gate Freeway and Monash Freeway; and EastLink, which connects the Eastern Freeway, Monash Freeway, Frankston Freeway and Peninsula Link Freeway.

Is there an app for toll roads in Melbourne?

Tolled or untolled—the choice is yours. Plan your entire journey and compare your travel options Stay up to date with traffic conditions, road works and closures across all Melbourne toll roads. Manage your travel on the go with the Linkt app. See your trips, check your balance, top up your account and more..

How do I purchase a toll road pass?

You should contact either Linkt (CityLink) (External link) or EastLink (External link) to purchase a pass before, or up to 3 days after you travel on the toll road. Both CityLink and EastLink offer a range of passes which are suitable for occasional users.

What happens if you don’t pay the toll road?

What happens if you don’t pay? Find out what happens if you travel on a toll road without a valid account or pass. This may include fees or fines.