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How do I get the latest version of AOL?

How do I get the latest version of AOL?

The new version of the AOL app gives you instant access to all the great features you love about AOL Mail….Upgrade to the new version of the AOL app for iOS

  1. On your device, tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down | Tap App Store.
  3. Tap the slider next to App Updates.

How do I download AOL software?

  1. Sign in to your My Account page.
  2. Click My Services | Subscriptions.
  3. Click Get Started under ‘AOL Desktop Gold’.
  4. Follow the installation steps listed below.

How do I download AOL app for Windows 10?

Accessing AOL Sites or Apps Using Windows 10

  1. To find your favorite AOL apps, first open the Start menu and click the Windows Store icon.
  2. Enter AOL in the Search field.
  3. View or select the available AOL apps.
  4. Click Install from the App page.
  5. Once the app is installed,click Open to view that app on your desktop.

How do I reinstall AOL on my computer?

Visit and click the Download button to begin the installation process.

  1. Click Download.
  2. Select the AOL EasyStart Setup file: AOLEasyStartSetup.exe.
  3. Once the download is complete, choose Run or double click the AOLEasyStartSetup.exe file on your computer to start the installation process.

How do I update my AOL email?

Update your profile information in AOL

  1. Sign in to your account settings and information page.
  2. In the top-right, click Edit.
  3. Click on a field to edit and enter your updated information.
  4. Click Save.

How do I get my AOL email on Windows 10?

Windows 10 Mail: Select Settings > Accounts > Add Accounts > Other account. Enter your AOL Mail settings. Select Sign in > Done.

How do I get AOL back on my computer?

Has your AOL Desktop Gold icon gone missing from your computer screen?…Restore a missing AOL Desktop Gold icon or shortcut

  1. By the system clock in the taskbar, click the Expand icon. .
  2. Right-click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon. .
  3. Select Create Desktop Shortcut.

Does AOL work on Windows 10?

Windows 10 Mail automatically supports any email account that supports POP or IMAP, so it’s easy to sync it with AOL Mail.

Why is my AOL Mail not working on Windows 10?

If you can’t sync AOL email with Windows 10 mail, the problem might be your antivirus. Many antivirus tools have a built-in firewall, and sometimes you might block certain applications from accessing the Internet. To fix this problem, it’s advised to check your antivirus settings and change them.

Can I reinstall AOL?

If you uninstall the AOL software from your computer, you will no longer be notified when you receive a new email. You can download the software from AOL and reinstall it later, if you decide you need it.

How do I uninstall and reinstall AOL?

You can try the troubleshooting guide. Stage 1: Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold •Go to Click ‘start Menu’ and select ‘control panel’ •Select Programs > Programs and Features •Select add or remove programs or uninstall a program. From the list of currently installed programs and select AOL Desktop. Click remove/ Uninstall.

Why cant I get my AOL Mail on my computer?

Your firewall or other security software may be preventing you from connecting to AOL. Temporarily disable your firewall and check whether or not you’re able to connect to the internet. If your firewall software isn’t on the list linked, you will need to contact your firewall software provider for additional info.

How do I get my AOL email to work on Windows 10?

What is the AOL Mail toolbar?

This program helps you stay connected with AOL Mail, chat on AIM with your family and friends and be in the know with AOL. With this toolbar users can easily gain access to their favorite websites from their browser just with one click.

What is AOL one click?

AOL One Click is a free browser extension that provides quick access to AOL. AOL One Click is a free browser extension and email. AOL One Click to the AOL .com homepage AOL TalkTalk Toolbar is a great program by giving you a clean and speedy experience so you can browse the Internet without those annoying pop-ups.

What is AOL Broadband check-up?

AOL Broadband Check-Up makes it easy to run diagnostic tests on your PC and fix problems that affect your AOL Broadband service. AOL 8.0 or AOL 9.0 How to install AOL on the Download Now button

What is AOL AIM?

AIM is an AOL Instant Messenger program that allows you to exchange messages with friends, family and colleagues online. is an AOL Instant Messenger AOL Easy Transfer Wizard offers you a quick and easy way to switch to your new AOL account.