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How do I download uTorrent on my Macbook Pro?

How do I download uTorrent on my Macbook Pro?


  1. Download the application and search for torrents. Go to to download µTorrent Web.
  2. Add a torrent to the application using the drag and drop feature.
  3. Start watching immediately.
  4. Manage your files within the application.

Does Torrenting damage your Mac?

It can open you up to some risk. It can also harm your Mac. Even worse, you can get in some kind of trouble if you’re caught downloading pirated movies and software.

What is the latest version of uTorrent for Mac?

The latest version of uTorrent is currently 1.8. 7 build 45548.

Does BitTorrent work on Mac?

Does BitTorrent Web for Mac work on older versions of Mac OS? Yes, it supports Mac OS version 10.11 and up.

Is uTorrent free Safe?

The official uTorrent is free of malware and can be used safely and privately in combination with a VPN. It does not, however, prevent users from downloading malicious files that can infect their device.

How to install uTorrent on Mac?

– ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent Web – ~/Library/Caches/com.bitTorrent.utweb – ~/Library/Preferences/com.bitTorrent.utweb.plist – ~/private/var/folders/I8/p97z_hq9581b6b36ps1b824h0000gq/C/com.bittorrent.utweb

How do I install uTorrent?

Launch the Safari browser on your Mac.Any browser will also do.

  • Type on the address bar. It is located at the top of the browser interface.
  • Click the “Free Download” button at the top portion of the screen.
  • Go to the download section.
  • Click the uTorrent download file.
  • Click “Open” when the pop-up notice appears.
  • How to get uTorrent free?

    – Pros. Easy to set up: The setup wizard can automatically add an exception for uTorrent in Windows Firewall, though you may have to configure uTorrent manually in other firewalls or – Cons. – Bottom Line.

    What is the latest uTorrent version Mac?

    – Find: Search for torrents or browse artist-sponsored content, directly from your software interface. – Get: Download torrents and manage your files in the torrent manager. – Play: It’s better than ever with buttons for Play and Stream right where you can see them.