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When was Onyii Alex born?

When was Onyii Alex born?

Date of Birth and Age: How old is Onyii Alex? Onyii Alex was born on the 27th of February 1987 and she is currently 33 years of age as of 2020.

How old is Onyii?

Onyii Alex
Born: 27 February 1987 (age 35 years old)
Birth Place: Lagos State
State Of Origin: Anambra State
Nationality: Nigerian

How old is Uche Montana?

28 years (May 8, 1994)Uche Nwaefuna / Age

Which state is Tana Adelana from?

Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Tana Adelana
Born Christiana Nkemdilim Egbo 24 December 1984 Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
Occupation Actress, producer, model, TV presenter and an entrepreneur

What tribe is Onyii Alex?

Onyii Alex: Family Alex was born and raised by both parents in Lagos, Nigeria. She is of the Igbo community, from the Anambra State of Nigeria, and she is of Nigerian nationality and citizenship.

How old is Uchenwaefuna?

Who is Tana Adelana married to?

Femi AdelanaTana Adelana / Spouse

Is Tana Adelana an Igbo woman?

Due to her Yoruba surname, Tana Adelana is often mistaken to be a Yoruba woman by some of her fans. However, the actress is of Igbo origin. She hails from Nara Unateze in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Who is Alex Onyii?

Onyi Alex, also known as Onyii Alex, is a Nigerian actress and model best known for her roles in various Nollywood films. She was born in Lagos but was raised in Anambra State. Onyii Alex rose to notoriety in 2010 after appearing in the film “3Some.”

What school did Sonia Uche?

The lovely actress grew up alongside her three sisters, Chinenye Nnebe and two others in Delta State. Sonia Uche did her primary and secondary School education in the state before proceeding to The University of Abuja where she studied Theater Art.

Who is Deborah Anugwa?

Deborah Anugwa is an actress, known for Uneven (2020), The Patient (2020) and Living Positive (2019)…

How many children has Tana Adelana?

Tana Adelana is blissfully married to Femi Adelana, her long-time boyfriend. The couple has been dating for 14 years and married on September 11, 2007. The couple has two children together.

Who is Tana Adelana husband?

Femi AdelanaTana Adelana / Husband

Who is ONYI Emiku?

Onyi Emiku is an actress, known for The Good Doctor (2021), Ozioma (2022) and Depths of Despair (…

Which state is Uche Sonia from?

Ihuoma Sonia Uche was born on the 25th of May 1995 in Delta State. She is a famous Actress in the industry. Sonia Uche was born in the family of Uche Nancy one of the most popular and talented movie producer in Nigeria as the first daughter.

Who is Mama Sekinat in Hustle?

Sola Sobowale AKA Toyin Tomato
Sola Sobowale AKA Toyin Tomato is unarguably one of the veterans in Nigeria’s film and TV industry. She stars in Hustle as Mama Sekinat. Sobowale is an actor, screen Writer, producer and director.

What is Onyii Alex famous for?

Onyii Alex is one of the gifted Nollywood actress, who has cave a niche for herself in the movie industry and she is very beautiful, creative, skillful and highly talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles and she can as fit in any character assigned to her by movie directors and producers in Nigeria. How old is Onyii Alex?

Is Onyii Alex married to her husband?

Onyii Alex is currently not not married and does not have a fiance or engaged at the moment, but the delectable screen diva reveal that her fellow actor is asking her out. She said “Alex Ekubo is begging me to date him” – Reveals the Nollywood actress.

Did Onyii Alex have plastic surgery?

Although Onyii Alex has never admitted to going under the knife, she was skinny and straight before is now thick and curvy. Though Onyii Alex once tried denying having plastic surgery, but due to the pressure was too much that she had to come out with the truth..