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When did Golden State change their colors?

When did Golden State change their colors?

Golden State Warriors
History Philadelphia Warriors 1946–1962 San Francisco Warriors 1962–1971 Golden State Warriors 1971–present
Arena Chase Center
Location San Francisco, California
Team colors Royal blue, yellow

Why did the Golden State Warriors changed their logo?

In 1971, the San Francisco Warriors changed the geographic moniker to Golden State, and hence the team came to be known as the Golden State Warriors, a name they have retained to date. They consequently changed their logo to have an outline of California State in blue and a blue star depicting the Bay Area.

How many uniforms do the Warriors have?

five different uniforms
Golden State will wear five different uniforms regularly in 2021-22, the Icon, Association, and Statement editions are all carrying over from last season, a new “City” edition uniform is still to come.

When did the Warriors changed jerseys?

The introduction of the new Warriors jerseys in 2010, which are similar to the “City” jerseys, changed the trend of the recent lackluster years of the Dubs uniforms. Those years represented the time when Chris Cohan begrudgingly owned the Warriors, and the team looked the way it played.

What Bridge is in the gsw logo?

the Bay Bridge
The Warriors have just unveiled a new logo featuring the Bay Bridge, and it’s a huge upgrade.

Did Warriors get new uniforms?

For the 75th anniversary of the NBA in the 2021-22 season, the Warriors will be one of three teams to wear Nike’s classic edition origin jersey. The Warriors will join the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics as the teams to wear the special uniforms.

Did Golden State Warriors change their name?

Philadelphia WarriorsGolden State Warriors / Former name

What jerseys do the Warriors wear?

Did the Warriors change their uniforms?

Did the Warriors get new jerseys?

On Monday the NBA released a new batch of City Edition jerseys for each franchise, including your Golden State Warriors.

What’s a dub slang?

Dub has many meanings in English. It can variously mean “to nickname” and “to voice a film in a different language.” It can be short for double and the letter W. It can be slang for a marijuana “joint”, or $20 worth of drugs. Dub also refers to a popular genre of music derived from reggae.

What do the dots on the Warriors City jersey mean?

The Warriors have won 6 Finals series. These are the first six columns, from left to right. Each column has 7 dots, representing the 7 games in a playoff series. A golden dot represents a won game in that series.

Is the Warriors logo the Bay Bridge?

The Warriors have just unveiled a new logo featuring the Bay Bridge, and it’s a huge upgrade.

What color are the Warriors Chinese New Year uniforms?

Created by adidas, the Warriors Chinese New Year uniforms feature the Slate as its primary color, the same color the Warriors wear on Slate Saturdays where the team wears their Slate Alternate Uniforms for every Saturday home and away game throughout the 2014-15 season.

When do the Golden State Warriors wear their new uniforms?

The Warriors will debut the new uniforms on Friday, February 20 when the team plays the San Antonio Spurs at Oracle Arena to tip off Chinese New Year, which begins Thursday, February 19. The team will wear the Chinese New Year uniforms again on the road this season on Tuesday, February 24 at Washington and Monday, March 2 at Brooklyn.

Where can I buy a Warriors swingman Jersey?

Swingman jerseys are available today, January 26 at and will be available at the Warriors Team Store at Oracle Arena on Friday, February 20 when the team debuts the Chinese New Year uniforms at Oracle Arena when the team plays the San Antonio Spurs.

What is the Chinese New Year celebration for the NBA?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) will pay tribute to its largest international fanbase Monday, February 19 to Wednesday, March 4 with its biggest ever Chinese New Year Celebration, ushering in the Year of the Goat with millions of fans in China, the U.S. and around the world.