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What town is Mystery Road filmed in?

What town is Mystery Road filmed in?

The first series was made on location in and around Wyndham, a town in northern Western Australia.

Is there a second season of Mystery Road?

Aaron Pedersen returns as detective Jay Swan for the second season of the Australian crime mystery set in the outback, co-starring Jada Alberts (Wentworth) as a local cop co-operating with the investigation of a decapitated body which seems related to drugs… but possibly more.

Is Goldstone a sequel to Mystery Road?

Goldstone is a 2016 Australian crime thriller film directed by Ivan Sen. It is a sequel to Mystery Road (2013) and stars Aaron Pedersen, Alex Russell, Jacki Weaver, David Wenham and David Gulpilil. It was released in Australia on 7 July 2016.

Is there a series 3 of Mystery Road?

The third instalment of the much-anticipated series – Mystery Road: Origin – is set to premiere on ABC TV at 8.30pm on Sunday July 3, with all six episodes available to binge watch on ABC iview.

Where is Gideon Australia?

It is set in the fictitious coastal town of Gideon, captured by Thornton – also the cinematographer – in the real-world locations of Broome and Western Australia’s scenic Dampier Peninsula.

Is Gideon a real place?

What happened at the end of Mystery Road?

Jay and Johnno shoot several of the men dead. Pete and Johnno exchange long-distance shots as Jay kills all the rest of the criminals as they attempt to flee, and then disables Pete’s truck when he tries to drive away. The two exchange fire from a distance and Jay kills Pete.

Should I watch Mystery Road before Goldstone?

“Goldstone” doesn’t require you watch “Mystery Road” before jumping into the noir thriller but I highly recommend watching the first film if you get a chance.

Is Goldstone a real stone?

Goldstone is made from colored glass. The glass is so smooth and has a glittering effect that makes it look completely natural. Fun trick, right? Still, it’s important to remember that goldstone is man-made and not a natural gemstone.

How many seasons did brokenwood mysteries have?

The Brokenwood Mysteries is a New Zealand television detective drama series that premiered on Prime in 2014. Each of the first six series comprises four distinct episodes….

The Brokenwood Mysteries
Country of origin New Zealand
Original language English
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 30 (list of episodes)

Who is Colin Friels wife?

Judy DavisColin Friels / Wife (m. 1984)

Who are Judy Davis Children?

Jack FrielsCharlotte Friels
Judy Davis/Children

Why are the Gideons called Gideon’s?

The Gideons also distribute to hospitals and other medical offices, schools (usually in first year) and colleges, military bases, as well as jails and prisons. The association was named after the Biblical figure Gideon depicted in Judges 6. Tax ID no. In 1908, the Gideons began distributing free Bibles.

What happened to Jay’s daughter in Mystery Road?

It’s a follow-up to his last film, Mystery Road, with Aaron Pedersen returning as Detective Jay Swan, whom we find in mourning for his teenage daughter. Her death has presumably been caused by a drug overdose, while alcohol, Jay’s own painkiller, is not assisting in his recovery.

Who is Kerry in Mystery Road?

Deborah Mailman
Deborah Mailman stars as Kerry Thompson, whose son, a local football star, is one of the missing. Her family has already suffered great damage from a previous crime involving her brother (the brilliant Wayne Blair). Joining Pedersen and Mailman in a leading role is Judy Davis as local cop Emma James.

What happened to Jay Swan’s daughter in Mystery Road?

Is moonstone man-made?

Moonstone is a natural mineral that has a natural optical phenomenon perceived from our side as moonlight sheen. The mineral is absolutely natural, and it’s not man-made. There are some man-made imitations of moonstone. They are artificial glasses that imitate the appearance of natural stone.

Who is in the cast of Mystery Road on ABC?

Pedersen reprises his role, and joining the cast is David Wenham, Alex Russell, David Gulpilil and Jacki Weaver. A spin-off six-part TV series also titled Mystery Road screened on the ABC in 2018, with Series 2 shown in 2020.

How many episodes of Mystery Road are there?

Mystery Road is an Australian television drama series screened on ABC from 3 June 2018. The series is a spin-off from Ivan Sen’s films Mystery Road and Goldstone. The six-part series is directed by Rachel Perkins and produced by David Jowsey and Greer Simpkin.

Is Mystery Road a spin off of Goldstone?

Mystery Road (TV series) Mystery Road is an Australian television drama series screened on ABC from 3 June 2018. The series is a spin-off from Ivan Sen’s films Mystery Road and Goldstone.

Where is Mystery Road Series 3 filmed?

Both series were shot in northern Western Australia . Series 3, to be directed by Dylan River, will be a prequel set in 1999 titled Mystery Road: Origins, Mark Coles Smith will play a younger version of Swan.