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What is the name of the airport in downtown Toronto?

What is the name of the airport in downtown Toronto?

Toronto Pearson International Airport
Toronto Pearson International Airport served 47,130,358 passengers in 2017, making it the busiest airport in Canada.

What is the postal code for Toronto Pearson airport?

Toronto Airport Info:

Toronto Airport IATA Code: YYZ Toronto Airport ICAO Code: CYYZ
World Area Code : 906 Airport Type : Large
Toronto Airport Address / Contact Details : Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Mississauga, ON L4W 1S9, Canada, Phone: (416) 776-9892, 1-866-603-4495 (Toll Free)

Where is YTO airport located?

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada [ YTO / ]

Is there 2 airports in Toronto?

As the two major commercial airports serving Canada’s largest city, Billy Bishop Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport contrast each other when it comes to accessibility and service options.

Why is Toronto airport YYZ?

As for the the ‘YZ’ part, that dates all the way back to the Morse Code railway stations along the Canadian National Railway, which had two-letter identifiers. The code for the station in Malton, Ontario, was YZ, which is where Pearson sits today—hence YYZ.

Is YTO the same as YYZ?

YYZ is the more commonly used abbreviation for Lester B. Pearson International Airport, which serves the metropolitan area of Toronto. YTO is an abbreviation for Toronto Metropolitan Area. Although it is not technically an airport code, some people use it interchangeably with YYZ..

What is Toronto YTO?

YTO is the generic code for the airports in Waterloo, Hamilton, Mississauga (Pearson) and Toronto (Billy Bishop). If you want Toronto look for YYZ. YYZ is Pearson which is Toronto’s international airport. If you select YTO there is a chance you could end up in Hamilton which is not what you where you want to be.

What are the two airports in Toronto?

Which airport is Toronto YYZ?

YYZToronto Pearson International Airport / Code

Why is Toronto’s airport code YYZ?

How to get to Toronto Airport?

Arrive 90 minutes before flight time in case of domestic flights,and two hours before flight time in case of international flights.

  • Print your boarding passes beforehand or use electronic boarding passes to save time
  • Get all information regarding baggage sizes,airline schedule,curbside pickup/dropoff,or wheelchairs,prior to reaching the airport
  • Which US airport is closest to Toronto?

    Closest airports to Toronto: 1. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (5.1 miles / 8.2 kilometers). 2. Toronto Pearson International Airport (10.8 miles / 17.4 kilometers). 3. John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (44.8 miles / 72.1 kilometers). See also nearest airports on a map.

    Which Toronto airport should you use?

    – Toronto Pearson International Airport is located at 6301 Silver Dart Drive in Mississauga, a suburb that’s actually about 25 miles (or 40 kilometers) from downtown Toronto. – Phone Number: +1 416-247-7678 – Website: – Flight Tracker:

    How many international airports are there in Toronto?

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