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What is a 1.20 softball bat?

What is a 1.20 softball bat?

NSA (1.20 BPF): Bat Performance Factor for Slowpitch softball governed leagues. Bat Performance Factor (BPF) is simply the increase in the liveliness of a ball hitting a bat compared to throwing a ball against a solid wall. For example a 20% faster rebound = a BPF of 1.20.

What is the hottest slowpitch softball bat for 2019?

Those top three were the 2019 Izzy Psycho SuperMax and Easton Fire Flex in USSSA and the Miken DC-41 in ASA. Those bats are all recommendable. Regarding field testing and player feedback, we like the Monsta Torch LC in USA/ASA (eBay) and the Izzy Psycho SuperMax (Amazon) in USSSA.

What is the hottest Senior League softball bat?

Miken Ultra 2 Balanced Senior Slowpitch Bat Review. If you play in a league with no certification restrictions, or in a senior SSUSA league, this is Miken Ultra 2 bat is for you! This is the hottest bat on the market. Please note, if you play ASA or USSSA league, this bat is not allowed for play.

What is the best softball bat for a girl?

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2022 Reviewed

Rank Name
1 Rawlings Mantra (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2021 Model
2 Louisville Slugger LXT (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2021 Model
3 Easton Ghost Advanced Double Barrel (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2020 Model
4 Lousville Slugger Meta (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2022 Model

What is the best brand of softball bats?


  • Louisville Slugger Meta Series.
  • Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Bat 2022.
  • Louisville Slugger LXT Series.
  • Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Bat (-10)
  • Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Bat 2022.

Which softball bat should I get?

All Slow Pitch softball bats have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter.

  • Most models come in 26 oz.,27 oz.,28 oz.,and 30 oz.
  • Bigger players looking to swing for the fence should look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range.
  • Smaller or average sized players or those looking for more bat speed should use a bat in the 25 to 27 oz.
  • What makes softball bats so expensive?

    – The expanded handle makes it comfortable when swinging – Solid bat that gives a great sweet spot – Excellent design for slow pitch softball

    What is the best fast pitch softball bat?

    Rawlings Mantra (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2021 Model. The Mantra is crafted from the highest quality materials and features a revolutionary 3-step inner barrel designed to maximize performance.

  • Louisville Slugger LXT X20 (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2021 Model.
  • Easton Ghost Advanced Double Barrel (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat – 2020 Model.
  • Which softball bat is better?

    Aluminum or Alloy is going to offer more of a “ping” sound on contact.

  • Composite is going to offer more of a “crack” or “thud” sound on contact.
  • Hybrid bats are going to offer a lightweight composite handle with an alloy barrel which is said to reduce handle vibration.
  • Wood is provided in a variety of options.