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What happens during osseous surgery?

What happens during osseous surgery?

During the procedure, a surgeon cuts back your gums, removes the bacteria, and repairs damaged bone. The main goal of osseous surgery is to eliminate or reduce pockets formed by gum disease. Mild gum disease that hasn’t spread to your jawbone or connective tissue is called gingivitis.

What is periodontal osseous surgery?

What is Periodontal Osseous Surgery? Risks? Costs? Care? What is Periodontal Osseous Surgery? Risks? Costs? Care? Osseous surgery (gum pocket reduction surgery) is a dental procure to remove areas of bone infected by bacteria from periodontal gum disease. Oral health is an important component of being healthy in general.

When should you consider osseous surgery for gum disease?

When you notice pockets forming in your gums, you should consider an osseous surgery. Some other symptoms that should alert you that it is time for the osseous surgery include; Bad breath. Red, swollen or bleeding gums. Loose teeth. Pain when chewing. The surgery is meant to reduce the pockets and remove any build-up in them.

What are the risks of osseous gum surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved with osseous gum surgery. Even with proper oral care, there is a chance that you will develop an infection in the area. Taking care of your mouth and performing proper aftercare will minimize this risk.

What is osseous gum surgery?

Osseous surgery by definition is a dental procedure in which periodontist or oral surgeon removes and reshapes gum tissue and jaw bone affected by periodontal disease to a more ideal contour. Read on to learn more about the osseous gum surgery, is it painful, what is osseous surgery recovery time and cost. Page Contents [ show]

What is osseous bone graft surgery?

Osseous surgery bone graft. The advantage of this method is in the fact that the procedure does not require a second surgical site. This works because your body is fooled and thinks that you have a broken bone that needs to be healed. Over time bone graft is resorbed and replaced with your own native bone.

How much does osseous surgery cost?

Osseous surgery cost per quadrant can be anywhere from 500 to 2000 dollars. There is additional cost of diagnostic exam for around 400 dollars. If you have dental coverage find out what’s covered and how much of an osseous surgery cost is your responsibility.