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What does InfoWorks do?

What does InfoWorks do?

Infoworks automates data operations and data orchestration for developing and managing big data workflows from ingestion all the way to consumption in cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

What is WS Pro?

InfoWorks WS Pro is a hydraulic modelling software for water supply networks. All the aspects of water supply systems can be modelled: controls, water demand, and leakage.

What is InfoWorks ICM?

InfoWorks ICM is advanced integrated catchment modeling software for modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater. With InfoWorks ICM, you can: Plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios.

What is innovyze ICM?

ICMOne is a single-user version of InfoWorks ICM, the industry-leading catchment modeling application. It’s tailored to be ideal for one user or for small teams. ICM is a powerful integrated catchment modeling application that handles urban and rural terrain, with 1D and 2D flows.

What is Xpswmm?

XPSWMM is a holistic 1D/2D modeling package for stormwater and wastewater problems. It helps engineers and watershed managers to simulate hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and surface flooding.

How do I download Xpswmm?

Download the installer

  1. Log in to the Innovyze Support Portal.
  2. Navigate to the following locations: For XPSWMM, go to Downloads > Storm, Sewer, Flood Software Downloads > XPSWMM.
  3. In the Current Version section, click to download the latest version of the installer.

What is the difference between Swmm and Pcswmm?

PCSWMM is Windows’ implementation of EPA SWMM with a Graphical User Interface that helps the users with point-and-click creation and editing of input files, plotting of results as charts and maps, GIS interface, and on-line help.

Who developed Tuflow?

TUFLOW originated from a joint R&D project between WBM Pty Ltd and The University of Queensland in 1989/90 to develop a 2D modelling system with dynamic links to a 1D system, and has since gone from strength to strength as an industry leader.

Is PCSWMM free?

To find out how easy PCSWMM is to use and how it can help you on your next project, download a free 30 day trial of our software complete with step-by-step tutorial and hands-on exercises. Getting you set up with your free, fully functional, 30-day trial software is very quick and easy.

Is HydroCAD free?

For individual student use we generally recommend the free HydroCAD Sampler. The Sampler can be downloaded directly by each student for installation and use on their own computer. The Sampler includes a detailed tutorial and an extensive help system, which is supplemented by additional information on our support page.

What is PCSWMM used for?

Professional modeling software for managing stormwater, wastewater, watershed, and water distribution systems. PCSWMM is a professional tool providing stand-alone GIS and time series management for all aspects of water management.

How do I learn Tuflow?

Training Options Users can also self-train, preferably with assistance from an experienced modeller by using the Tutorial Models. The general options for training are: In person training courses, online or in the classroom. Self learn through our self training resources, modelling videos or 24/7 eLearning courses.

What is PondPack?

PondPack is a FEMA approved software program for detention pond design and hydrology modeling. Users can model rainfall and runoff from urban and rural watersheds to design detention and retention facilities, outlet structures, and channels.

What is HPC solver?

From Tuflow. TUFLOW’s HPC solver was officially released in September 2017. It is a 1D and 2D fixed grid explicit solver with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) compatibility. It’s speed and exceptional stability are making it one of the most popular TUFLOW solvers.

InfoWorks ICM is advanced integrated catchment modeling software for modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater. With InfoWorks ICM, you can: Accommodate small municipalities and large enterprise organizations Why use InfoWorks ICM?

What is InfoWorks WS software?

“InfoWorks WS software gives us the hydraulic and water quality modeling tools we need to better manage our drinking water supply network.

What is live modeling in InfoWorks WS pro?

Using IW Live, live modeling can be achieved and will support your network operations, from optimizing response to incidents to a real-time alert system warning when simulated and observed data deviate from each other. This opens in a new window. Infoworks WS Pro comes with a built-in library of SQL queries that can be used to review results.

Why InfoWorks for analytics?

Infoworks provides a complete foundation for enterprises to operate analytics at scale on any cloud, any big data platform, and all types of data Automate the process for launching analytics and ML use cases to speed deployments. Reduce dependence on specialized talent through a code-free environment that requires minimal maintenance.